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Masha Efrosinina suspected of serious disease

Машу Ефросинину подозревают в серьезном заболеванииThe appearance of Mary confuses her fans and they are convinced that it urgently needs to be treated from anorexia.

Masha Efrosinina is not hiding from society the fact that for a long time do not eat meat and it eats only healthy food, and even raw, because it recently became sirotkoy.

First career Mary was not as thin as now, when she already had two children. If you look at old pictures from Efrosinina and today, we will see a huge difference.

For the strength of spirit and a radical body transformation diva many respects. But sunken cheeks, and thinness of Masha in recent years have become cause a General panic. The followers of the presenter believe that she’s anorexic and needs to eat more.

Masha put in a Instagram video message to subscribers, where she looks gaunt and too thin. But really, most likely, the fact that the video tele-star is not painted. And judging by the condition of her skin, she is healthy and even more.

Машу Ефросинину подозревают в серьезном заболевании

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