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Marilyn Manson, KISS and swear because of Charles Manson and gay

If there was no Internet, how many interesting things we would have overlooked? Nobody would know about the hell popaboli that caused Stephen king to win Donald trump on presidential elections in the United States. Few who heard that Daron Malakian from the band System of a Down – fan of infamous cult leader Charles Manson. By the way, the death of Manson was the reason for another scandal in the musical world, this time it led to the altercation on Twitter between the shock-rockers Marilyn Manson and Paul Stanley from Kiss.

The beginning of this quarrel, however, put himself Marilyn, who a few weeks ago went and called the Kiss “by four dudes-gay men in Halloween costumes”. Speaking in Russian, Marilyn called the legendary group team clowns…owls.

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And Manson, who the second part of your nickname, as you know, took in honor of Charles Manson, has posted its cover of the song, composed by Charles. The track is called “Sick City” and at the time, in 2000, this composition was included in the album “Holy Wood”. Here’s how it sounds:

Paul Stanley, who has ignored the previous outburst Marilyn, could not refrain from derogatory comments:

Pathetic when somebody who’s career never really took off is desperate enough to try for publicity by connecting himself to the news of a murdering scumbag”s death. @RollingStone @UltClassicRock
— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) November 20, 2017.

How pathetic, when someone whose career was never noticeable enough in itself, is desperately trying to get in the media in connection with the news of the death of degenerate killers.

In other words, Stanley has accused Manson-musician that he decided to “hypnoti” on the death of Manson maniac. It’s funny that the Floor in this situation, in fact, promoted on the same subject in an indirect way.

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