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Marilyn Manson is a fan of Hannibal Lecter. Intimate details!

Amid all the misfortunes that had a streak of Marilyn Manson, we have somehow started to forget that it is still a shock-rocker. When some dude almost Antichrist himself, called and paraded around the stage in a suit of a hermaphrodite, and now that a movie is released that the scene will crash during the concert… old Age? Maybe, but anyway, Manson is Manson.

About it reminded us a fresh interview of the artist, which he gave to the magazine “Rolling Stone”. Not that Marilyn said anything blasphemous, just a little rather told the world about his life. Among other things it became clear that the Manson – great big fan of the TV series “Hannibal” (Hannibal) – surely he, like many, hopes that the show will be back on the screens, although in the depths of his hellish soul understands how small the probability of the release of the fourth season.

Manson asked what the most ridiculous purchase he indulged himself in life, and that’s what he said:

I don’t have any transport. I’m not one of those typical people that buy their cars. I even have no driver’s license. So, I think, the most enjoyable purchase I’ve made at the auction of some of the things Hannibal Lecter [from the TV show “Hannibal”].
I bought the outfit for the murder, which he wore so as not to get blood on your suit and shoes, I bought him an apron, which he was preparing, he was also is bloody, bought a knife, cut off the tongue and hand of Anna Chlumsky. In her series, cut the wrist. I once met Bryan fuller, the Creator of the series, and he said to me: “Oh, heard you bought all this stuff and I’m the dude who created “Hannibal.” And I said to him: “Tell Anna that I had enough money to buy her hand and podrachivat it sometimes.”
And yet, through a friend of a friend, the women in the film, which was putting skin lotion in the basket, I got a real lotion in “Silence of the lambs”. Don’t know if she stole him from shooting, he or she got in some other way, but this purchase made me very, very happy.

It’s so cute. Manson collects items relevant to the films and the TV series about Hannibal Lecter. And at the same time it’s so gross: buy artificial hand to do with the help of her Masturbation. Cute, nasty… Manchevski.

Cm. also:

“Hannibal” can return in the form of mini-series “the silence of the lambs”

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