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Maniac vs the addict: a review of the movie “death note” (2017)

Regular student Layt Turner once falls into the hands of a gift from heaven – the mysterious Death note. Every person whose name is written will die. To find attached and a huge demon named Ryuk, who brought the deadly gift to the human world for the purpose of fun. Light talks about Notebook school friend named MIA, after which the couple began the mass extermination of criminals around the world. But their deeds do not go unnoticed, and on the trail of a vigilante out detective, known as El.

Fans of the original anime, you can go to give the heave-Ho: the idea, the atmosphere and even the genre focus of the Japanese original of American writers spit with a high steeple. Yeah, “death note” in the hands of the American Adam Wingard has been transformed from a complex and fascinating detective with a pinch of philosophy in the youth horror film, the next of kin who can be called “destination”. Let the deaths on the screen will show no more than a dozen, but they are made with full justification of the focus on an adult audience. They seem to be advised Tarantino, because of the blood shed on the screen is clearly not on the same bucket.

That to acting? Leading by NAT Wolff in the role of light shows itself very well. And Margaret Coelli, she’s MIA, more organic feel than her character. But the greatest detective in the world, El (Lakit Stanfield) full movie walking around with the face of the child, which the mother did not bought ice cream, and as a character he does not cause the slightest interest. Especially in the changed the story from it value and meaning is no more than the ordinary supernumerary police officer, and he conducts himself not as a calculating detective, but as a psycho drug addict.

Catches the eye and utter lack of motivation of characters. For example, what prompted reclusive botanist of light to the cruel extermination of criminals? He doesn’t look like the arbiter of justice, or a soldier with an imperfect system, but rather exposes himself is no less monstrous and aggressive maniac. And why is a local girl-a cheerleader has not laid an unfamiliar criminal police, and joined his “extermination of undesirables” literally within minutes after first meeting? Together this couple is reminiscent of Mickey and Mallory from “natural Born killers” and empathy is virtually, the more their moves sometimes astonishingly stupid.

Well all the intricacies of suspense with the confrontation between light and electrical cut off one flagrant shot in the middle of the tape. In General, major disregard for Canon in this case, the detrimental effect on the logic of history – after all, even the lowliest viewer can immediately think of dozens of ways of solving the basic problem for the main character.

However, it is worth emphasizing that, technically, the film performed at an impressive level. To find fault with the picture practically is not possible and the operator’s work, and playing with neon lighting, and electronic retro soundtrack is wonderful work, adding +100 to aesthetic satisfaction from viewing. Especially those who like the creations of Nicolas winding Refn.

The most appropriate definition for “death note” 2017 – ultra stylish dummy. A potentially fascinating story as if it reached the audience through a retelling from people who watched the original with one eye open and did not catch the point, but glad the idea. In the place where the Japanese generously gave food for thought and theories, Americans filled unconvincing action and a very lame attempt to adhere to the General direction of the source. And the result is boring, illogical and frankly uninteresting.

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