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Manafort offered their services Poroshenko, but he refused, – Gryn

Манафорт предлагал свои услуги Порошенко, но тот отказался, - ГрынивStrategist Poroshenko Ihor Hryniv said that he had met with Manafort in 2014, but there was no cooperation.

The campaign Manager of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the former head of the BPP in Parliament Igor gryniv has confirmed that in 2014, met with us political consultant Paul Manafort about cooperation. On Wednesday, August 8.

On the eve of the court hearing, the associate political consultant Richard gates said that Manafort worked with Poroshenko during the presidential campaign of 2014, but the services have not been paid in full. The AP said that the offers of cooperation received, but was not considered.

Gryn suggested that information on cooperation with other Ukrainian politicians, in addition to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s defense lawyers Manafort on the court to American perceived not only as a strategist fugitive Yanukovych, and as a consultant, able to work with representatives of different factions.

“Manafort tried to offer their services and strategy for the campaign Poroshenko. I met him then and listened to his strategy, but these three-hour conversation with him ended,” – said presidential strategist.

Gryn says that Manafort “wanted to cooperate” with Poroshenko and has been preparing for this – brought to the interview data of sociological research.

According to the MP, the political strategist “did not understand that the country after Maidan has changed,” because it offers allegedly more suited for the strategy 2009-2010.

Grinev also did not rule out that the strategy of Manafort really were life sentences Poroshenko, with whom he came to the meeting.

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