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Luxury hotels and expensive cars. How to spend the budget billions of Ministry of industry and trade

Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

Multi-million spending of the Ministry of industry and trade brought increased attention to the Agency, usually remaining in the shadows. According to the website of public procurement, for two years, the Ministry has spent on accommodation for employees in hotels abroad 19.3 million rubles, the Cost of individual rooms and more than a million rubles — many Russians don’t make the money in a year.

However, the Ministry will not name modest office. One of his head Denis Manturov — earned in 2018 443,3 million RUB, the company informed. 213,5 million rubles.

Now he says that the Agency fits into the regulations for booking of rooms in hotels for employees. “What numbers in the ongoing events in the city are free, and are purchased to participate in these events,” said the official.

“Rosbalt” examined the tenders announced by the Ministry of industry and trade over the last year. The expense of budget funds spent dozens and even hundreds of billions of rubles. The Ministry purchases for schools and “ambulance” cars, with officials wishing to ride exclusively on luxury cars.

GAS — for mere mortals, BMW is for the officials

In December 2018, the Ministry of industry has announced more than hundreds of tenders for supply of school buses in various regions of the country. In the terms of reference highlighted that transport should be the Russian manufacture. None of the procurement was not competitive, participation in all took only supplier — in the vast majority of cases they became automobile factory GAZ.

Another similar tender was the delivery in the Russian regions of ambulances. They also had to be produced in Russia. As in the case with the school buses, the purchase went without any competition, winning them basically won all the same GAS.

But the officials of the Ministry of industry and trade prefer to travel exclusively on foreign cars. In the same December and almost the New year — the Ministry Denis Manturov announced the auction for the provision of complex transport services for the needs of the Ministry. In the tender documentation it was noted that officials should be given the cars for BMW, Ford, Volkswagen (a total of 52 cars) and passenger car business class and the passenger bus 16 seats.

In the terms of reference specify that the contractor must ensure the supply of vehicles to the building of the Ministry of industry and trade within 15 minutes from the time of application. The drivers of the tuple must “have a neat appearance (suit, shirt, tie), be able to provide first aid in critical situations, to take measures to ensure the safety of the passenger, to know the structure of the car and have skills in Troubleshooting”.

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Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

Winning the tender was won by LLC “Expert Auto Service”, offering of 94.45 million RUB This company is not the first time to provide services to Russian officials. “Special car Services” supplies vehicles with drivers for the Federal registration service, Rostekhnadzor, the Federal bailiff service and other agencies.

But on this car the appetites of industry and trade do not end there. In September, the Department purchased 10 Ford Mondeo for a total amount of 15 million RUB, the Winner was JSC “Avilon AG” which put cars with leather seats and “dark window tinting”. I wonder whether the Ministry standards for tinted glass? The answer to this question in the documentation, unfortunately, no.

300 million in three days

Thanks to the procurement website we know how much the Russian budget has managed global summit on industrialization, which will be held from 9 to 11 July in Yekaterinburg. The Ministry will spend 300 million rubles In this amount will include the refurbishment of the site of the exhibition centre “Ekaterinburg-Expo” to the needs of the powerful.

On the first floor of the building will be equipped with a premises area of the President of the Russian Federation (10, including kitchen facilities), the plenary hall on 3 thousand places, offices and common areas. Surprisingly, on the second floor will also be area of the Russian leader (though smaller — only 5 rooms). However, the most interesting — the third floor: there are located the VIP lounge with six closed negotiation rooms and a prayer room with an area of not less than 20 square meters.

The winner of the auction unopposed, became the Fund “Recongress”, which in recent years is also the organizer of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. As can be seen from its financial statements, in 2017, the profit of “Rockingness” amounted to more than RUB 500 million.

Another 200 million rubles from the budget will be spent for participation of the Russian delegation to the Beijing international horticultural exhibition-2019. Contractor — LLC “Business Event” — shall including to arrange the exhibition of the Russian section. It will consist of plants such as rhododendron (in the application he referred to as the “readingroom”), Lily, blueberry, Rue, peas, and others.

Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

The same company won the tender on rendering services on organization of participation of the Russian Federation in the world universal exhibition “Expo-2020” for 40 million rubles and the participation of the delegation of the Ministry of industry and trade in the International industrial exhibition “Innoprom-2019” over 79,7 million rubles.

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Cleaning of 55 million

The building of the Ministry of trade and industry of the Russian Federation located in the house № 7 Kitaygorodsky for travel Moscow. Its area exceeds 43 thousand square meters. Of course, all this good need to take care to wash, to clean, to vacuum. For this purpose, the Ministry is ready to spend another 55 million rubles.

In January, the Ministry Denis Manturov signed a contract with OOO “Management of office buildings”, which has to perform a huge number of services in maintenance of premises of the Ministry: from cleaning the mats and blinds to polishing marble floors.

Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

What I read in the Ministry?

The Ministry does not skimp on the purchase of periodicals. At the beginning of the year, the Ministry has signed a contract with JSC “Ural — Press-leader” for the delivery of various Newspapers and magazines.

The cost of the contract amounted to 4.4 mln RUB. For this amount the contractor agreed to supply various Newspapers and magazines. In addition to the standard set — Vedomosti, Kommersant, RBC, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Argumenty I Fakty” — the list of found fashion magazines, like Burda, L’Officiel, Vogue, “the Caravan of stories”. Among the officials there are motorists — they read Top Gear, “Autoreview”, “Behind the wheel”. In the list there is the foreign press — the Ministry writes the British magazine Economist.

Possible affiliation Deputy Manturov

In the case of a multi-million dollar expenses for the accommodation of officials abroad we can talk not just about the love of luxury, and on the criminal offense. The fact that the victory in tenders for the travel arrangements of the leadership of the Ministry of industry and trade has won “Service 007”, follows from the data of the procurement website. This company bought the plane tickets and rooms in hotels at unthinkable prices. “Service 007”, again, chosen as a sole supplier.

Люксовые отели и дорогие автомобили. На что тратит бюджетные миллиарды Минпромторг

Edition Baza drew attention to the fact that the leadership of a woman named Helen Urcan (this information is confirmed by the certificate of incorporation). On the website of the Ministry of industry, too, can find that name in the income declarations of Deputy Minister Victor evtuhova. In 2009, “Business Petersburg” called Helena Urkan the CEO of the company “Service 007”. Under the assumption of the Deputy Director of Transparency International — Russia Ilya Shumanov, this story can be discussed about the conflict of interest and violation of the law on combating corruption.

Official comments of the Ministry regarding this information has yet been received.

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