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“Lupite his tutorial, I authorize”

«Лупите его учебником, я разрешаю»

“Lupite his tutorial, I authorize”citizen Support of the teacher, catching on adolescents with fists and obscenities, is the conviction of our society. The triumph of powerlessness and irresponsibility.

In the Tyumen region have dismissed the teacher of life safety. He was swearing at students, threatened them, pulled his hands, pushed. In General, the situation is terrible. But her development is just some kind of hell. Immediately after the incident, in defense of the teacher made his pupils and their parents. Naturally came to the rally in front of the school. The network held a flash mob “Amishdonkey”. A petition against the firing of teachers signed more than 11 thousand people.

And it’s not the only such case. In Krasnodar parents, I remember, defended the teacher calling the child a bastard and forcing him to kiss the ground. There support was not as large, but still.

What is it — Stockholm syndrome, mercy to the fallen or just the world gone mad? No, it is a crisis of modern parenthood.

Many today frankly do not cope with their children. And don’t even try to do it! They would like to see for them — for their mistakes and failures — they are answerable to teachers.

In the family of the missing children for different reasons.

Some understand education as merely a system of prohibitions and punishments, and expect the same from schools. These citizens, commenting on another scandal teaching, writing something in the spirit: “With our children in another way, and teachers are people too, nothing human is alien to them”. The “human” in their system of values is to yell, belittle, snap, wag. I’ll never forget the mom who wanted me to peel her son’s textbook to the head.

Such parents are not the majority. All the education, discussion of social problems to various forms of abuse and the ideology of child-centrism has done its job. “Lead abominations of Russian life” gradually clear.

But there was the other extreme — parents who love their children with unconditional love in the best traditions of popular psychology. Harsh methods in teaching, they certainly don’t approve of (although sometimes prefer to ignore, because “it’s not so simple”). However, their children are often uncontrollable and unable to control yourself.

Such “progressive” moms and dads today a lot, but, it seems, and their population decreases.

But who is getting more, it’s parents who are very busy, very tired and very little interest in the lives of children. In their presentation of the flower children need to grow teachers — they paid for it pay. How? Oh, it is still important that the teacher man was good, but if he’s there when somewhere informal… As they say, “we also pointer hand beaten — and nothing grew.”

The General way a sort of informal, but sincere teacher who is also a man whose nerves appeared in the nineties. Then coincided with two trends: the children were in the mass of abandoned and impoverished schools began to work with random people who have no pedagogical skills and is not willing to develop them. They differed from the strict teacher of the old school with some lack of discipline and General apathy. However, these qualities were like lazy teenagers, is perceived like a charm and philosophical attitude to life.

One can cite the example of the teacher Sluzhkin of the novel of Alexey Ivanov “the Geographer globe propyl.” The book is wonderful. And literary image very attractive — sort of an ironic new extra. As the man Sluzhkin causes all sorts of sympathy. But as a teacher he is absolutely incompetent. Lower plot points, when he gets drunk in front of students and kissing a student. This literature otherwise is not interesting to read. Look closely at the details.

Sluzhkin teaches his subject, forcing infinite to outline the paragraphs of boring textbook and not even trying anyone be interested in geography. However, he yells, sculpts deuces for the conduct, offensive jokes, throws the portfolios of the students reading their own poems, rants about everything — and eventually earns the reputation among adolescents.

Today, the image sort of “grade teacher” is returned. Him and sympathize for not only children but also their parents. Why? Because they themselves have neither the strength nor the will nor time for children. Because they are terrified about the fruits of their education. Specifically, his absence.

After all, education is the creation of favorable conditions for the child. This is a relaxed home atmosphere, companionship and warmth, joint screenings of good films, talking about books, walking in parks, museums, clubs. And our children have a TV with its eternal curses on talk shows, endlessly exploring relationships soderjanie parents, and as a result — an escape from all this until the morning YouTube-to-Face and Buzova.

Someone needs children to pull out, to bring them back to reality? Of course! But let it be… somebody. Some expert on the payroll. Someone strong and brave. Or the one who is no longer able to stand it.

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