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Lukashenko is selling the land to foreigners

Лукашенко продает землю только иностранцам

40 hectares of land in the Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park “Great stone” acquired in private property. About it TUT.BY told the first Deputy General Director of “Company for development of industrial Park” Kirill Koroteev.

Лукашенко продает землю только иностранцам

“40 hectares implemented in private property, 123 ha, rented out for long term”, — he said.

It should be noted that in Belarus private ownership of land is the subject of long discussions. Legally she would exist, but in practice it is not so.

Koroteev reminded that in Belarus the ownership of land for private companies provided by the Code about the earth. To buy land from auction, at the conclusion of the investment contract with the Republic of Belarus, the organization of production in the countryside or in the purchase of land simultaneously with capital structure.

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But that’s the theory, and with a number of reservations and limitations. But in practice private property works in the Park. Without pitfalls, — said Koroteev. — Land can be pledged, or authorized the Fund to sell. The only requirement, but it is transparent and clear to the purchaser-investor, the investment project must meet the criteria of the Park “Great stone”. We have already gained relevant practice experience and have registered bodies — everything happens quite quickly and clearly.

As noted by Kirill Koroteev, this option is used mainly by companies with Western capital. For them, private property is important from the point of view of assets and safeguards.

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The Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park “Great stone” erected in 25 km from Minsk. On the territory of more than 8 thousand hectares introduced a special legal regime for 50 years. The Park is positioned as a platform for high-tech companies from around the world. In the “Great stone” was already 44 resident from 8 countries with a declared investment of about $ 1 billion. A number of companies carry out pre-operational work or already put into operation. By the end of 2018, the investments amounted to almost 430 million dollars. Of these, about $ 200 million worth of investments in infrastructure development, 225 million is investment by residents.
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