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Lukashenka has approved a new defense plan for Belarus

Лукашенко утвердил новый план обороны Беларуси

The security Council is meeting today at the Palace of Independence has approved a new plan of defence of Belarus and the Concept of construction and development of Armed Forces until 2030. The package of documents was signed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA has learned.

The plan of defense of Belarus includes several documents. During the year analyzed in the General staff of the Armed Forces and considered at meetings of the power unit. Fixed in this package — the decision of the chief of defence of Belarus (graphical and textual) and the Directive on defense of the country.

As emphasized during the meeting of the security Council Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus adheres to the policy of peace, retains the status of a donor of security in the region. With clear priorities the head of state described the development of the country’s own security, as well as the continuation of military cooperation with friendly countries. “The Belarusian army will never threatened, not threatened and to threaten is not going to. It is a tool to prevent war, and in the case of aggression must be able not only to reflect but also to inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy. The main purpose of Armed Forces is to defend sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the country”, — said the President.

What are the characteristics of the received documents and how to develop the Belarusian army, after the meeting told journalists the state Secretary of the security Council Stanislav Zas, defense Minister Andrei Ravkov and acting chief of General staff — first Deputy defense Minister Alexander Zhirinovsky.

Zas: the emphasis on strategic deterrence of the enemy

“In terms of defense emphasis on the prevention of aggression, strategic deterrence. This is given more attention than in the previous plan, developed documents on strategic deterrence. Paid more attention to the issues of destabilization of the situation in the country is also a defence. It is a reality of our time, faced around the world: it all starts with the destabilization of the situation in the country, provoking internal armed conflict”, — said Stanislav Zas.

During the meeting much attention was paid to addressing the needs of state defense. “Everything was calculated. We are able to ensure the military security of our country, based on the opportunities that we have, he said. We will gradually increase spending on defense. It’s actually need to do if you aim to qualitatively increase the capacity of the Armed Forces”. It is planned that in ten years, defence spending will grow to 1.5% of GDP.

The security Council also considered the Concept of construction and development of Armed Forces until 2030. This document specifies the composition and structure of the army, its tasks in peace and war. According to Stanislav Zasya, the concept focuses on the preservation of the existing composition and structure of the Armed Forces, and their qualitative development by improving training, upgrading and modernization of the technical component.

Ravkov: first of all, the money will be allocated to the drones, electronic and radar reconnaissance

Speaking about the features of the new plan of defence, Andrey Ravkov said that the document was “very down-to-earth”, based on precise calculations. It is painted activities that will be carried out in peacetime, in a period of increasing threats and in wartime, designed the funding to conduct them.

The defence plan includes a plan of strategic deterrence. “In it we laid all military activities, other security forces, ministries and agencies relevant to the state agencies that are required in peacetime to carry out a number of measures to reduce the likelihood of conflict or to reduce it to zero,” — said the Minister.

In addition, the refined system of government in war time. “It is tested on several exercises. We are confident that it will provide clear, purposeful, effective to direct all forces and means in the protection of the state,” he said.

With regard to the financing of the Armed Forces, the money will primarily be allocated for the development of pilotless aircraft, radio-electronic and radar reconnaissance. Will also be upgraded and procured strike aircraft will continue the modernization of missile forces and artillery of the existing system receiver, rocket artillery. “Among the priority actions highlighted the problematic issue concerning the purchase of ammunition in the first place anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank guided missiles, and other precision-guided munitions, the means which we have,” said Andrei Ravkov.

In addition, the army will eventually get rid of materiel and equipment that is physically and morally obsolete.

Wolfowitz: came from the worst variants of development of the situation

Alexander Zhirinovsky explained that during the preparation of the documents approved today, the military has gone from the worst to the country’s development options of the situation. We studied the experience of the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Bolivia, Venezuela. “On this basis conclusions on the stages of possible escalation of the conflict. In terms of defense laid an adequate response measures”, — he assured.

As military threats are not considered (though not exclude) a large-scale war as such. “Now, more conflicts occur differently: the shattered situation in the country, there are small groups, the opposition, sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Now very widely used by the mercenaries of private military companies who are trying to undermine the situation in the country, to test the strength of the entire power component, — said Alexander Zhirinovsky. In contrast, we have developed a set of measures.”

For example, the army has immediate response forces, ready in case of emergency to cover areas along the state border, together with the interior Ministry to take custody facilities in the country.

At the same time Belarus does not consider other States as a potential aggressor. “We are a peace-loving country, we have a defensive military doctrine, which provides for the protection of their land,” — said acting chief of the General staff.

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