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Lost in Dota: the grandson of a Russian billionaire committed suicide because of the game

Проиграл в Dota: внук российского миллиардера покончил с собой из-за игрыThe guy was a gamer.

In Moscow, after losing in a shooter Dota killed a 19-year-old Yuri Gushchin-Kuznetsov, the grandson of the billionaire founder of the group “Guta” Yuri Gushchin. Student of medical University was found dead on June 15 for the Windows of the house on the Leningrad highway.

For a very long time it was not known that the grandson of Yuri Gushchin died of suicide the wide public it became known only now. As reported by Russian media, at 5 a.m., the guy fell from the balcony of the 15th floor and died on the spot. Emergency services called Concierge.

The guy was without clothes and documents. However, and without this the police quickly figured out the apartment and woke the household of the deceased parents and older brother. Yuri. Later it became known that the young man left in his apartment, a suicide note and said that he had decided to kill herself because of unrequited love.

According to friends of the student, the incident was a complete surprise because he had plans for life – for example, on 16 June, he arranged with friends to watch a football match. As for the girl, that she appreciated the relationship was not going to break. The problems in education no complaints.

The only thing that alarmed friends, this is a depressing music from time to time listened to the student, and also excessive passion for computer games. Yuri liked role playing and strategy, he could for days to play online. In fact he was a gambling addict.

The night before his suicide, Yuri lost a few games in an online Dota tournament, losing quite a large sum. It is possible that this was the cause of his death this, in particular, according to the Telegram-channel “cello Case”. It is noted that the latest status of the 19-year-old Yuri in the social network was the phrase “Too dumb to die” (Too stupid to die).

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