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“Live” photos Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has unveiled the design of bezrabotnykh

The network posted “live” photos of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – the second generation of Chinese bezrabotnykh from Apple, which should see the light in September of this year. The camera captures the front and back, and back raises many questions.

Front new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 looks fantastic, demonstrating the almost complete absence of a framework like the Samsung S8 is a breakthrough compared to the first generation that was not look quite so stylish. But the back panel is fierce to fail, because the back of the smartphone is positioned almost as the flagship, reminiscent of cheap Chinese cell phones for 100 dollars per kilogram: plastic housing off-white color, only one camera (the second hole is dactiloscopy).

I hope that this photo of early prototype, and that instead of that horrible plastic will be adequate metal or even ceramics. According to rumors, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will be released in 6-128 GB for $600 and 8-256 for $750, and it will build a battery of 3400 mAh, Android OS 8 with the shell MIUI 9, Full HD screen 6 inches exactly and the Qualcomm processor 835, the most advanced at the moment. The announcement of the smartphone is scheduled for 12 September this year.

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