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Little tricks for restaurant owners. Photo

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. ФотоIt’s worth considering.

The owners of restaurants it is important not only to feed us a delicious meal and to make sure that we came back again. They need, so we ordered exactly what is beneficial to them.

We decided to cover the standard chips restaurateurs, waiters, and marketers for which we, the customers, spend more money when ordering.

Menu where everyone will find something for themselves

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

Noticed that almost every cafe has vegetarian options? The range is often built so that no one went and did not go hungry. For example, in every menu there is something that loves the youth, something “heavy” and dry for the hungry, something light and diet — for those who are watching a figure, and so on.

Music in the hall

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

In melodic, unobtrusive music people can eat more than without it. The best option — a classic that customers spend 10% more. All because their self-esteem increases, they have the feeling that they are richer and more impressive than it is.

You can customize the music to something specific: under French chanson great bought wines under the Irish folk — beer.

Increase prices by 10 %

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The vast majority of customers will not add value if the price they planned to pay for the purchase will be higher by 7-10 %.

That is why the cost of the sauce in quick service restaurants or other additives to the dish is usually not more than 10 % of the cost of meals.

Compact menu

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

Menu with abundant choices confuse customers. Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen says: “Complicating the menu, we only tortured the guests and they leave unsatisfied. They begin to doubt: maybe I should have ordered something else?”

Besides, people have the impression that the restaurant can’t cook as many dishes efficiently. So menu try to do short. Aerobatics — menu on a single sheet.

Positive waiters

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The waiters know the impact of the client is greatly increased if you start the conversation with a positive comment. Even if it’s just mention the great weather. Tip as a result of this simple technique to increase by about a third.

The legend of the restaurant

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The purpose of legends is to show the uniqueness. In General, this is a great thing which makes the restaurants more interesting.

For example, in one cafe pastry chef in the fifth generation, who knows the secret of these Polish doughnuts. At another cafe just doing donuts. Many guests do not just go to the first confectioner, but I will say that his donuts seemed to them better.


Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

You probably also noticed this: you order a coffee, and the waiter asks, “Great?” — and nods? And you seems to be becoming embarrassing to say: “No, little one.” And to realize what has happened don’t always have time.

Besides the double product, often called a standard, and a medium — small, which also increases profit.

The use of the reputation of the chef

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The reputation of the chef is a powerful thing. Any dish marked on the menu as “chef’s” will be appreciated by the customer is higher than the dish without such mark. What to say about the situation when the dish guest takes the Maestro himself!

Occasionally some of the waiters even presented to the guests by the chef, dressed in his uniform.


Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The flavors a strong influence on our consciousness. Even if we have a clear plan, they can make adjustments to it.

Under the fragrance of vanilla or cinnamon growing sales of desserts, and the smell of bacon will increase the average bill from Breakfast. Lavender is often used to make guests relaxed, in no hurry, and spent in the institution more money.

The elimination of dirty dishes

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The waiters tend to remove you from the empty dishes as quickly as possible. Of course, to sit at the table cluttered with dirty plates and cups not very nice. My dishes but also in order to give the customer the impression that he is ordered not so much.

If it grew the mountain of dishes or, for example, chicken bones, he would have stopped faster.

Manipulation of the waiters with the delivery

Маленькие хитрости владельцев ресторанов. Фото

The waiters have their chips to get more tips. Long may they carry you the change that you broke and left without her. Can give her a trifle shabby or bill based on the fact that you will not want to take the money.

Such techniques belong to polysoprene and usually not practiced in a decent restaurant.

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