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Listen to what comes in the night!

The world premiere of the horror-Thriller “It comes by night” (It Comes at Night) was held on June 9, and Russia, we expect this picture from 24 August 2017 – long intolerable, agree. Smooth painful waiting will help the official soundtrack of the film, which is available for free (and legitimately in this case) to listen to now.

The music for the film was written by composer Brian Macomber, whose work personally I must admit I first wasn’t familiar. Well, quite a pleasant acquaintance. In fact, the soundtrack “It comes at night” sounds like… sounds like the night. A quiet, dark tranquility… or disturbing?

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Recall that in the film

The world will consume an unknown disease, but the hero managed to find a life raft for his wife and child — the man moved the family out to the woods, where in a lonely standing house hopes to wait out the madness that descended on civilization. The head of the family introduces tough rules and strict discipline that instills fear in his household, but protects from deadly dangers of the outside world. Once on the threshold of the house appear harmless, it would seem, away, and fragile security of the family comes to an end.

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