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Listen to the horror story, and everything else – IN the DUST

Outside the Windows the rain, the snow, and the mood matches the overcast weather – not particularly festive. But such evenings as today, ideal to read some terrible book. To read… or listen!

In the coming days and weeks on our website (and our YouTube channel) will be laid out a whole series of books from the reader Stanislav Fomin (his page Vkontakte for those who wish to make acquaintance) is like the classics of the genre, and the stories of contemporary authors. Of course, all will be agreed by the authors, as is customary and how to do it. Well we will start this series with a story authored by the editor of Horror Zone, your humble servant. Do not think for self-promotion, just with yourself to negotiate the fastest) there Are stories of other writers, no doubt!

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With specific regard to this story, the story “In the dust” was published in the author’s book “Zone of terror”. The collection was released in spring of 2017 and to date, the whole edition has long been sold from the warehouses of the publishing house. If you want, this book can still find and buy in some stores (for example, in the Maze and Ozon), but better hurry, as the new parties in the book will not do. However, if you want, you can download an official electronic version.

Short synopis of the story:

San Sanych already far not young. He is slowly dying from cancer, but still smokes two packs of cigarettes. And he suffers from alcoholism and has thought about killing his own elderly mother…

Some of the readers compare this story with Stephen king story “Grey stuff”. And I, like the author, am glad of it, as part of the “dust” is inspired by this story of the King.

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