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Like a God-damned America gumkonvoi in the 90s Russia was falling apart

Как проклятая Америка гумконвоями в 90-х Россию разваливала

Today it is very fashionable to shout about insidious America, dreaming in their pink dreams destroy the great who had risen from his knees Russia, even to shoot videos with an appeal to Obama, who’s aggressive “organic” around the world. The reasonable question that America interfered to destroy the Russian Federation during the “dashing 90”, when, apparently, all facilities were just perfect, jingoistic “patriots” grumble something unintelligible.

But not only did not collapse, and… the United States helped Russia in those same 90 years of natural products. Have been through the Internet in search of zainteresovana of my threads and found this.

24 Oct 1992, American President George H. W. Bush signed the so-called “Law on support of freedom” (FREEDOM Support Act), which applies primarily to Russia and open new markets in the Eurasian countries of the former Soviet bloc CIS. According to this law, the division of the US State Department on coordination of assistance to countries of Europe and Asia was tasked to coordinate and manage programs of assistance to foreign States on the basis of this law the FSA.

Among the countries which damn state Department was prepared and supplied of commodity assistance was (apart from Russia) all the countries of the former USSR, except the Baltic States. And just in this business for 20 years has been spent over 41 billion dollars. This, however, the money that is allocated to completely different programs in the field of technical support for trade, Finance, agriculture, anti-corruption activities, medicine, etc.

Directly to humanitarian food assistance is most clearly reflected in the implementation of the so-called “Operation Provide Hope” (the phrase “provide hope” can be translated as “give me hope”). The decision on its holding was taken in January 1992 at the Washington International Coordinating conference. Official its beginning was launched on 10 February 1992, when 12 military transport aircraft of the U.S. air force C-5 galaxy and C-141 “Starlifter” based in Germany and Turkey, delivered 500 tons of food and medicine in 12 cities of the CIS: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Kishinev, Yerevan, Alma-ATA, Dushanbe, Ashgabat, Baku, Tashkent, Bishkek.

Until the end of February of the same year, the U.S. air force has made 65 sorties, transporting 2274 tons of humanitarian cargo. To conduct the whole operation attracted as a U.S. air force aircraft (C-5, C-130 and C-141), and civilian aircraft contracted by the U.S. Department of defense.

Until August 1993 was performed in 282 of the transport flight and delivered 7012 tons of cargo. In June 1997 he was made the 500th transport flight in support of operation “Provide Hope”. Just 20 years of the program there were 985 flights, with delivery of 24 000 goods of various kinds.

Как проклятая Америка гумконвоями в 90-х Россию разваливала

At first the donations were made from the stock remaining after the Gulf war. What was the origin of actively butyramide any biased audience of the time rumors that the insidious “pendosy” vparivayut any kind Stucchi illiquid.

Curiously, suspicion about the transaction concerned, it seems that even quite reputable publications, like the same “Kommersant”. In particular, below the entire quote copy-paste of short notes “Kommersant-Vlast” from 17.02.1992 year.

“”Hope” springs eternal. Joy elders takes

In Russia in the framework of operation Provide Hope (“Give me hope”) came the first shipment of American humanitarian aid. However, the modest size and the apparent lateness of this action has led many Western observers to appreciate it as purely a propaganda exercise.
The intention of the U.S. government to carry out the operation Provide Hope George Bush solemnly declared in January at the Washington conference for the coordination of Western aid to the former Soviet Union. Although reluctantly, but to the American initiative was joined by Germany, UK and Japan.
In early February, military transport aircraft, NATO has started to deliver to Russia of the American food, which the United States did not get to use during the war in the Persian Gulf. First shipment from the air force base of NATO in Frankfurt was furnished with great fanfare that caused outspoken discontent of other participants Provide Hope. With a heartfelt speech by the Secretary of state himself, James Baker. It called for a review we direct the goods not as charity, but as an “investment in the security of the West and the peace and stability for decades to come.”
The British newspaper the FINANCIAL TIMES notes that the United States, unlike countries in the European community really supported the Muscovites and Petersburgers in the initial period of price liberalization, decided to help only when it became obvious that the CIS nobody is going to starve to death. A small and extent of care — 18 thousand tons of food.
As for Germany, voluntarily bearing the brunt of Western charity, it still focuses its efforts on Moscow and sent to another 100 tons of food. As much as 12 tons of food and medicine supplied to Khabarovsk Japan. Wiser all the same, according to THE FINANCIAL TIMES, did the British government, who decided to channel their assistance directly to the homeland of Yeltsin in Ekaterinburg”.

Read more:

All the data collected by LiveJournal blogger VAKHNENKO 90-x and zero (in zero, Carl, when to power came the Savior of the Fatherland Vladimpeks) this much food:

Как проклятая Америка гумконвоями в 90-х Россию разваливала

Below the signs, a blogger posed the following notes:

“* grain equivalent needed in order to evaluate the nutritional value of supply. 1 kilogram of grain is approximately equivalent to 3500 calories, i.e. in the daily diet of 2000 calories in one ton of grain equivalent enough to feed 4.7 people in the course of one year. Link to search query for grain, for example.
** There were supplies in 2007-2009, approximately 2 thousand tonnes, but to include them did not.”

Also VAKHNENKO notices that it was likely not only free deliveries, i.e., something is released under certain concessional loans.

The size of American aid to Russia began to decline with the advent to power in 1993, bill Clinton, essentially proclaiming a commitment to reduce the Federal budget deficit. This reduction, in principle, evident in the table above. By the mid-90s, the us budget expenditures according to the article “international development and humanitarian assistance” is estimated at only 7.6 billion, which was 0.1 of GDP the budget of the country at that time.

What exactly products was all this help the deprived is still in the early ‘ 90s pleasures of the bourgeois products of the population today is not very clear – apparently, the range, reaching people products were very different. Judge it is possible for multiple particles in the collected network comments. Such work, for example, has done a LiveJournal blogger timberhead (in review flashes of the old, obviously on a completely different food programs of humanitarian aid from not only the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia, which also took place to be).

And we this humanitarian aid at the school sold. It was called as humanitarian assistance, but nevertheless she kept the money. The price was small and the set was the same as that of the author. The same gummi bears, gummy candy in the form of bottles of Coca-Cola and other joy for the bored according to the normal sweet children, the appearance and taste of which I have for years, don’t remember)
I only remember that when the class made the coveted bags on the lesson scored all including the teacher, who nikala in the bag “extra” sets. I suspect they were unnecessary at the expense of those children whose parents are unable to pay the very humanitarian aid. Half a bag was destroyed in the class, the other half at home. Enough content from afternoon to evening))
And the saddest part, no one shared with those classmates who did not give money parents.

In January of ‘ 91,I had to do with humanitarian aid.To our city came the carriage of the aid,in district social security it brought and it was necessary to describe everything.Certain organizations have allocated a person for the inventory.So-open the box,say”pants black,size 48,box of 5th.It’s all recorded etc. But on the background of the then deficit I saw so many branded stuff(and I understand they will not reach),which went out in a semiconscious state.

I remember the taste, I would have ate them, I even asked them have German relatives, they were delicious, by the way, the Germans can and still make a delicious candy I’ve ever eaten, but not gummi bears. Who will find email all of us. we also sold 25 or $ 15 or something, can’t remember exactly. But we were told that it help for orphans, and they will be a lot of those sweets, we decided that the money to orphanages needed for the maintenance of orphans.

– That was too cool. We gave the stewed meat, and milk. But it is only large. And from Germany, as a tribute to the conquer sent. There sausage salami, German bread, chocolate, ham.

Two packages of matches from the German army rations (one package opened)
Как проклятая Америка гумконвоями в 90-х Россию разваливала

– And who received humanitarian assistance in the early 90s?
I remember we had one parcel from Germany — humanitarian aid. Now that was something. Like something from another planet that brought. It was the first time I tried chocolate bar “Mars”, “Snickers” and even “bounty”, then it seems even advertising don’t have. In the parcel was beautifully packaged lentils, impressed, then we hadn’t Packed anything from products and even more so beautiful. Learned that there is margarine “Rama” who mistakenly smeared on bread, but it was still delicious. Pack Italian spaghetti “of Maltagliati”, which is why it was written “pasta” ))), and whatnot, just do not remember like some sort of canned fish, maybe even stew, that ate for a long time, well, or so I remember.

Yes, we too come)) I was little, this day was like a holiday for me. brought a huge blue bucket, and inside… was a gold mine. and all is bright, interesting… all in boxes, in bundles. especially memorable soap – mixed colors, in tins. in General, the sea of emotions. like, from France help.

– I have not received anything((( I only Know that there were people who this aid pereprodovali for reasonable money, clothes especially.

– We remember….iron banks, was 3 liters …. Oh made…made in usa.. what was it? Do not believe it…. peaches be honest… was delicious..

– My friend’s mother worked in the Executive Committee. Four rooms, three were to the ceiling crammed with humanitarian aid. All lived in one room, leaving only the passages to the kitchen and to the bathroom. We all dragged ourselves home workers of the Executive Committee I saw.

– I was still in school and we had some sausage in cans, in long banks (2 PCs) and noodles, such as Rollton in packages. Noodle really liked it, we even brother and her fought. But the sausage… I’m the dog food smelled, and that they smell better.

– American vegetable oils on the banks were written in big letters USA. Japanese humanitarian kit was soybean oil in plastic bottles, as I remember characters. Bottle green colour, one and a half or two litre.

I think the average humanitarian aid from Germany in the music school distributed. It was a celebration for the whole family for about two months. The wife then a letter of thanks was sent with a translation from a teacher of German.

– We were given the first course of the Institute (91-th year)… In appearance resembled rations of the American infantryman from the “desert Storm” – sealed packaging each component and all the soldering, fork, spoon camouflage colors, disposable napkin… due To age, it is sincere bewilderment about the lack of condoms 🙂 by the Way, one spoon is still alive and is used to getting salt from the jar :).

Как проклятая Америка гумконвоями в 90-х Россию разваливала

– We also, remember, these boxes are brought to the cargo terminal of our school canteen, so got one for our class, called a few people from the class to bring to our office. Opened the box, reminiscent of a box of school furniture, all in the same waxed paper, and then: the Bank of some tushenki, margarine Czech or Polish, languages they do not know, can not say the same gummi bears, some lollipops, and that samoe interesting products BINGO TOTTIS: some croissants, chocolate sticks in a plastic transparent box and wafer KOUKOU ROUKOU and some garbage. Well not the Dutch canned DAK,from which, as I heard there was a case of poisoning. It was somewhere in 1993. Of course, the boys immediately grabbed cook’s hand and chocolate sticks and started them in the class to throw. But the stew was bad, like stale, so we were a little Fig was not from her. But I want to say, all were given a certain number each. Like Hiking in nature. So we had a time or two, and then the humanitarian aid stopped carrying. Another thing I remembered: this humanitarian aid was a Danish salami, which was not there, Moscow sausage which was a hundred times tastier. But this salami was popularly called “Finnish sausage”. All, of course, can not remember, but here’s something to remember, he said. Don’t know how to other regions humanitarian aid which was then shipped, but to be honest that the products, with the exception of waffles and chocolate sticks were disgusting. Probably some delay from the warehouses of Europe was sent, God only knows. One would say that the Snickers with Mars wasn’t there.

It’s no coincidence that some of the comments highlighted the aspects related to the theft and resale of humanitarian aid. Topic, for sure, at the time was fertile and not one “Kommersant” managed to raise her “bubble”. The ethical aspect of such a relationship even to the Americans (to hell with them, according to the logic raised in the land of Soviets comrades, this is the class enemies and those “suckers” – they persecute us food, and we not only that, tyrim, and sell), and to the people for whom the food was intended. It just shows the character of the eternal “ball” that absolutely do not care about their own citizens, children and the truly needy in the 90s, living from hand to mouth people.

Doubly curious, what is the relation to the supply of humanitarian products from the “ball” has survived to this day. It is worth remembering the pervasive plundering of food in the same “new Russia”, and not just plundering, but again – the resale of products supplied free of charge to those in need. And it’s the same, it seems, must be beyond good and evil – right there, the treacherous “pendosov” dream to destroy Russia can steal and resell their same, but to steal, in theory, have their own (I mean the Russian humanitarian convoys ) and sell their same Russian Donbass?

Another of the “Russian world” from the Soviet leaders, Soviet traders and their support of the Soviet ideologists at the moment is still there.

Upd. And here found a small reportages on the distribution of Western humanitarian aid in the early 90’s through one of the youth newspaper of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia (head at the bottom of the report). Kopipasta out in full:

“In the early’ 90s in Yakutia started to receive humanitarian aid from Germany and America.

In 1990, the distribution of “humanitarian aid” in Yakutsk was engaged in the newspaper “Youth of Yakutia”. At that time, the newspaper correspondents who wrote honestly about everything, it was very popular and influential in the country. Perhaps this was the determining factor for people’s Deputy, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Oleg Petrovich Borodin, who entrusted the Junior team the results yakutians humanitarian assistance that was delivered to Yakutia on his initiative.

Anything like that in the Republic had never heard of, experience, how to organize everything, it was not the party of “humanitarian aid” was one of the first. Boxes with food packages for two-thirds filled with a big study edition in the printing-House. So everyone can see what’s in them, opened one and laid the contents on the table. In each packet there was milk, bacon in tins, chocolate, and a loaf of summer sausage and a packet of cocoa. The last was particularly memorable because exposed sausage someone stole, and then I had to explain to people that it too. And that pack of cocoa was the only award the editorial Board for the job.

On the issuance of “humanitarian aid” posted on “Junior”, and the editors reached out to the poor and elderly. The results of the packages took a few days. The Yakuts, who are used to products that are wrapped in dirty brown paper, very impressive beautiful and high quality overseas packing. Of course, emotional moments and quarrels were, but not because of the distribution of food, and because of their place in the queue.

I must say, the food parcels came to the court: in those years, the examples, when the whole family sat for several weeks on a single buckwheat, was not isolated.

It was a difficult but interesting period of our history: time punching people and great opportunities. On the one hand, the imperfection of the legislation was the reason for the squatting of land and redistribution of property, gave rise to racketeering and gangsterism. On the other, that’s when it became fashionable to be an entrepreneur — young and promising everywhere was a road”.

Well, from the comments there until the pile was polycaps (comments of the freshest, in December last year):

– Humanitarian aid from the “damned West” proved to be very helpful in many families now some fattened deny it, it is what it is, words of songs not erase…

– Remember the humanitarian aid from the US ) such wonderful products in cans )

– Remember humanitarian aid. There are more sausages in the Bank was. Delicious.


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