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Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga in the Thriller “the Passenger”

Director Jaume collet-Serra (“the Bank”) once again joins forces with actor Liam Neeson (“Taken,” “Fight”), with whom they have worked successfully in the field of Thriller. These two individually have enough “dark” projects in the portfolio, but together they give the really good things: “Unknown”, “Air Marshal”, “Night of the running man”. Now there and “Passenger” (The Commuter).

The synopsis is quite vague:

Returning home from work, a businessman unwittingly gets caught up in a criminal plot that threatens not only his own life, but those who are close to him.

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We have the first trailer, first poster, the first frame from colleagues from EW and first impressions. While it appears that Serra and Neeson decided to re-shoot the “Air Marshal”, replacing the plane to the train. It hurts too many familiar features. But if there was Julianne Moore, here we have Vera Farmiga in the role of a mysterious and handsome stranger. As such, as you know, expect trouble.

Generally castes declared good. Here and Patrick Wilson (demonology. do not go alone), and Jonathan banks (“breaking bad”, “Better call Saul!”) and Sam Neill (“Jurassic Park,” “In the mouth of madness”), and many other distinguished passengers. This train in addition to people certainly go some secrets, and almost everyone can play an important role in the story. Perhaps the detective intrigue provided to us.

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The world premiere is scheduled for January 11, 2018. The same will be and the Russian release, which is responsible for the company “Volga”.

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