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Liability uninvolved

Ответственность непричастных

About known already, apparently, all the criticism of the journalist Gabunia on “Rustavi-2”.

There are several moments.

1. One could say: the name of the journalist — Mingrelian, Mingrelians often (although not necessarily) the inhabitants of the coastal areas, and there — Abkhazia… Maybe of the refugees. Although, if the person is highly emotional and unrestrained, why did it release in live? Not everyone can be a pilot or a driver, not everyone can be leading the live broadcast, here, there is no discrimination. And the anger he must be cold with anger, not with this rudeness, leaving behind and Russian TV channels.

And I would be willing to say. If I hadn’t seen that text is read from the computer. Homework. That is, no emotional breakdown out of the question! And if so, then this is a provocation.

2. Video distributed by the journalist of the newspaper “KP”. Anyway, all I saw from his Twitter. And the impression that it was a work in one bundle. Blindly vsvetluyu — no difference.

3. And now about the main thing. About what I said repeatedly — and will probably say more. In this case the curse was not involved. Will have to escape from a particular situation with this unfortunate air.

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The freedom of the citizens is not so long as part of humanity (and most of it is still there). And it’s my favorite “atomization” (or individualism): when a person becomes a completely separate personality. And is responsible only for their actions — and only himself. In front of people, to a Higher power — himself. Not the rod. Not a nation. Not the neighbors. Not the parents, not the school neighbors. Only the!

Freedom is the witchcraft world, the liberation of people from collective responsibility.

And there is totalitarianism. Which die the idea of collective responsibility, trying to keep afloat. (This is best expressed Mayakovsky with his “unit — nonsense unit — zero”).

Different totalitarianism manifests itself. Some accused the nation (all, from babies to the elderly!) Other “hostile classes.” Third — the “infidels”, “heretics” and “apostates”. The fourth right up to entire racial-gender groups are trying to get.

And one essence.

And here is a red line. For any arguments about the responsibility to undertake, a collective responsibility starts totalitarianism. (Or fascism; the term has long crossed the Italian sense; in fact, one of its current values — a negativity against any totalitarianism, but we must speak separately). A phenomenon that is deeply odious to me. And it does not matter who the host is, what he is profession and nationality.

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I know how to treat Know-Who. But — to him. Not to his parents, school, neighbors, teachers, school friends (if any). Not even to “St. Petersburg’s gateway” (by the way, different the whistleblower and all that sort of thing strongly disliked).

And mother, citizens, is sacred. Especially deceased mother. It may not be the answer for the case of the son. Only he, only he. This is — back to the situation.

But what pleases me is the posts Georgians, condemning non-journalists Gabunia. A nasty rudeness, for provocation. They instinctively repugnant totalitarianism. Therefore, they will be winners. And therefore, sooner or later totalitarianism will be defeated. And aggressive Imperial form, in the other.

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