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Leatherface blustery

Unexpectedly, our legs got a new teaser poster for the horror film “leatherface” (Leatherface). Although in this case the movie I want to call “cow”.

Curious, what reasons could be certain parallelism with another bloody horror movie “Saw 8”, with one of the posters which we, the audience, the looks, the pig’s head. The extra hint of “meatiness” of both films?..

In the center of the story will be four teenagers who kidnapped a young nurse after escaping from the asylum for the mentally ill. When they started up the trail no less than a crazy representative of the law, one of the kidnappers gets on full of tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a monster named leatherface.

21 September 2017 exclusive premiere will be held on a paid streaming service DirecTV, while it’s 20 October 2017 Studio Lionsgate will release the picture in limited theatrical rental, and through VOD services.

It seems that this image of cow head on the shoulders of the person is Central in the film:

He glimpsed in the trailer:

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