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Laptop with Windows 10 and Qualcomm 835 tested in GeekBench

In the database benchmark GeekBench spotted a very interesting instance is the laptop based on the processor Qualcomm 835 and Windows 10. Many have heard of them, but none of them were never formally introduced, and specifically, this unit prepares HP.

The name of the laptop is missing, but there is information about the hardware stuffing, which, in addition to top-end mobile CPU, includes 8GB RAM and the drive is 256 gigabytes, so everything is very good. Microsoft taught the “Ten” to work on processors from smartphones earlier this year, to finally unite all modern devices one ecosystem to cut and nobody wants Windows 10 Mobile.

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Laptop screen HP, according to rumors, will receive a Full HD resolution at a diagonal of 12 inches, and the amounts of ROM and RAM are characteristic of its maximum configuration, whereas buyers of the basic version will have to settle for 4GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. The disadvantages of mobile PCs can be attributed directly to the Windows 10’s, which is a truncated version of a full Win10. Date of announcement of the laptop is not yet established.

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