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Kurchenko could become a supplier of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine

Курченко может стать поставщиком сжиженного газа в УкраинуThe export of LPG in Ukraine can go through structures Sergey Kurchenko.

Fugitive businessman Sergei Kurchenko could become the monopoly supplier of Russian liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Ukraine.

On the eve of this the sources said the Ukrainian media. It is expected that in may the export of LPG in Ukraine will be limited, and the only option for Russian producers will be to work with three Ukrainian traders. These companies, according to sources affiliated with Kurchenko.

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On 1 April, Deputy energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov held a meeting with representatives of the oil and gas companies, is a supply of LPG from Russia to Ukraine. According to multiple sources familiar with the meeting, the official warned that from may 1 the export of LPG in Ukraine will be limited by the decision of the Federal service for technical and export control (FSTEC).

However, the oil companies, it was reported that the accreditation FSTEC will be held three Ukrainian companies, which will continue to work. This OYL treyding Groups (beneficiary, according to the Ukrainian registry, Victoria Panarina), OOO Oil treyding (owned by a Hong Kong Silver Prime Inc. Ltd) and the Prospect of TREJJD Grupp (the owner – Svetlana Glushchenko).

The representatives of organizations attended the meeting. At the same time, according to four sources, all three companies are Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko (left the country in early 2014), as well as the son of Viktor Yanukovych Alexander.

In particular, Kurchenko is called the beneficiary of the Silver Prime Inc. in 2016, Valentina Mora, Vice-President of UMH to Kurchenko. Now the beneficiary is a Hong Kong company Dmitry Krisberg, member of the Supervisory Board of the Odessa refinery in the period when the plant was controlled by Kurchenko.

The sources specify that the representatives of the company Kurchenko’s VETEK, which controlled almost all the supply of LPG and petroleum products in Ukraine until the change of government in 2014, was also present at the meeting in the Ministry of energy.

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