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Ku Klux Klan has raised its head: black lynched for Dating a white

And in America blacks lynched. And it’s no longer a joke. Go play on a survival of the so-called American nation. From may 27 to June 20, 6 young black people, sane, not drug addicts, hanged on the branches of spreading trees. They were United by only one thing – Dating a white girl. Moreover, there was one among them transgender. So he, too, was met, though not with a white girl, but with a white male.

Ку-Клукс-Клан поднял голову: черных линчуют за встречи с белыми

The President, as white as snow on Christmas, Donald John trump, says he will not give White (also, incidentally, white) house to shame.

And there are already plans to organize a pogrom.


Sounds like a good reason in the United States joked that in the South everyone has a good white uncle Sam in the attic kept the White hood and rope with a noose. And a permanent symbol of the clan cross. I heard a former pastor suggested that the portraits of Jesus Christ to destroy because he’s white?!

Well started, of course. Incidentally, according to well-known TV presenter and an American citizen Vladimir Pozner, from such things and start a Civil war. With such starts, he believes, if the U.S. government did not immediately take action. And in the hands of there weapons missing not just one but several wars.

Recently the Ku Klux Klan said that he just passed, and turned into clowns giving out candy to children on Halloween, to remind myself. In fact, the movement existed. But hiding. Largely, alas, fueled by local gangs of Nazis. Yeah, those bastards do not hesitate to draw itself on the body the swastika, they are the same the Germans did not win, they were killing Japs in the Pacific theater of war, and Hitler are one. And the Japanese have a different symbol – the sun, and not the swastika. Henry Ford even sponsored one-time Nazi party. Believed that she fights with the Communists and the Jews. Well, other rich people, the less well-known, too. They won the Second world War? Of course not. But arrogated to itself a victory for Hitler. They love it.

And here, the case of George Floyd suddenly returned the Clan back to life. In public places under cover of night, the trees hung black people. Locals say about a new wave of lynchings with a suicide. Less than a month, six blacks were found on trees in California, Georgia, new York, Oregon and Texas. Authorities said all cases of suicide. Relatives says – they hung up supporters of the Clan.

The civil war in America – under the big question. Probably still will. Although yesterday seemed a utopia.

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