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Klimkin suggested to abolish the right of veto in the UN

Климкин предложил отменить право вето в ООНThe foreign Minister stressed that Russia is a country-agression and abusing the veto power.

Ukraine advocates the abolition of the security Council of the United Nations of the veto power of countries party to international conflict when deciding on the resolution of such a conflict.

This was during the open debate initiated by Ukraine the issue of conflict in Europe in the UN security Council said foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, Chairman of the meeting. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We need strong institutions that protect international law. Only strong institutions, primarily the UN security Council, will ensure international security. Of course, it is necessary to urgently reform the security Council to abolish the misuse of the veto. The security Council must be able to respond effectively to conflict, regardless of the potential presence of a state party to the conflict as a permanent member,” he said.

Klimkin added that Russia is using its institutional weakness, resorting to the veto in the UN security Council.

He also noted that Ukraine is counting on more proactive UN offers her options to resolve the conflicts in Europe.

“We believe that it is appropriate to consider the existing experience of conflict settlement in other regions, such as the establishment of the special group of the security Council in conflict prevention in Europe, similar but not completely identical approach to conflict resolution in Africa. This could raise the attention of the Council to the European conflicts,” he said.

In the beginning, Klimkin said that the world is instability, and if appropriate responses are not taken, rapidly developing crisis will not help to avoid the scourge of war.

“In recent decades Europe has experienced a number of conflicts. Unresolved conflicts have one thing in common – active participation of one state, in particular Russia”, – said the Minister.

He added that if the aggression becomes uncontrollable, then any protracted conflict can become active. In this regard, Klimkin stressed that appeasing the aggressor and the lack of consequences only incite further aggression.

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