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Kiev’s demand to ban Russian pop music in the bus

Киевляне требуют запретить русскую попсу в маршрутках The capital’s residents believe that poor quality music should not be heard in taxis.

On the website of electronic petitions of the Kyiv city Rada made a new proposal to ban taxi drivers listen to loud pop music and chanson. This petition appeared on the website the evening of October 24.

“Each of us every day use public transport, especially taxis. Very often, drivers of minibuses include music at full volume. Consider this practice unacceptable because:

– It harms the safety of traffic, because stopping the driver to hear the signals from other road users or passengers (for example, a request for stopping on-demand, or an emergency stop, if the passenger became ill);

– According to many passengers, the music that sounds in the bus, is very low quality (so-called “pop”, mostly Russian). Of course, everyone is entitled to their own musical preferences, but nothing gives the driver the right to impose their musical tastes of the passengers.

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According to the decree of KMU “About traffic regulations” section 2.3: “To ensure road safety the driver must: b) not be distracted from the management of this transport route”, paragraph 5.5: “the Passenger during use of the vehicle is entitled to: a) safe movement”;

The resolution of CMU “On approval of Rules of provision of passenger automobile transport” p. 40: “the contract of carriage of passengers by bus, the carrier shall safely carry the passenger to the destination”.

In accordance with the UN Convention “On road traffic” article 7, paragraph 1: “the Driver of the vehicle should avoid any actions that are not linked with driving”.

On this basis, taking into account the above legislative norms, we, active citizens and the Ukrainian Galician Party (Kiev, Ukraine), proposed to the Kiev city Council and Kyiv city state administration:

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1) Prohibit the reproduction of musical works and any sound (except for the stops and important information on transportation) when traveling in public transport of Kyiv;

2) to Amend the regulations at the level of Kyiv, define for public transport conditions for the provision of services by carriers, providing the latter’s responsibility for their violation;

3) to exercise systematic control over the observance of the carriers in public transport requirements to prevent the playback of musical pieces or other audio”, – goes to the text of the petition.

To collect 10 thousand signatures the petition has 90 days from the date of publication.

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