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Kiev suggested the best places for sledding

Киевлянам подсказали лучшие места для катания на санкахHere you can relax with the kids.

The consequences of the snow disaster in Kiev for many was a real disaster. Traffic jams, accidents, blocked roads and late for work.

But for kids it turned out the whole holiday, because now, when everything is covered with snow, there is the possibility of the soul to ride on a sled. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Then there were the recommendations about the best places for this.

The City found them in every district of the capital.

Goloseevskiy district

Park them. Rila. There are several slopes of varying difficulty, so you can ride for both children and adults.

Geographically located near the metro station “Goloseevskaya”, Goloseevsky prospect, 98/2.

The Feofania Park. Here is a nice walk both in summer and winter. And for a walk you can bring the sled. However, long steep descents in the Park there, so the thrill seekers will be bored here, and children at the time.

Here you can drive on the 588 bus from VDNKH metro station or from the Racecourse. Destination – the street Metrology.

The entrance to the Park – 5-10 hrn.

Bald mountain. Then there are slopes for thrill-seekers. You can ride on sleds and skis to snowboards. The downside is the lack of any infrastructure.

To reach here by walking from the metro vidubichi.

Darnitskiy district

The Park of Partisan glory. Here you can take a sledge and skis, but hilly areas not so much.

Nearest metro station – Kharkov.

But according to “the observer”, in this area local residents more taste slides near the metro station “Osokorki” and “Poznyaki.” There is a slope in some places, long and steep that like a senior, and some short and simple even for the youngest representatives of winter sports.

Desnyanskiy district

Descents Zakrevsky. The slope is medium-cool, short and near the channel, so you need to be sure where the sled will in the end.

On Zakrevsky runs a Shuttle taxi №180.

Dniprovskiy district

There are almost no hills. But, for example, in hydro it is convenient to deal with sprint on skis.

Exception can be called Wolf mountain. Here the hill is steep and long. Location – the street Malyshko, metro Chernihiv.

Obolonskyi district

Obolon embankment. Slides here gentle and very simple. Perfect for children.

You can get there by trolleybus №24 from the Minsk metro and on foot. To go in just 10 minutes.

Pecherskiy district

Residents can often be found together with the sledge in the Park of Glory. There is a long and steep descent. Suitable for elders, but the kids here are not uncommon.

Here, you can drive on the bus from the metro station Arsenalnaya.

Podil’s’kyi district

Podil’s’kyi descent. Some good slopes can be found at the beginning of the Podilsky descent. There is a steep and sloping hills, so you can ride and ski.

You can get there from metro station “Lukyanivska” on the 18th the bus, or trams No. 11, 12, 19 from hem

Park Birch Grove. Here near the hut Shevchenko on Priorke there is a good track for “pokatushek”.

You can get there by trolley bus No. 18, bus No. 32 and 72.

Svyatoshinskiy district

Park Nivki. The Park has many ravines, where the inhabitants of the area like to go down on a sled. There is a hill of any coolness.

Is this location next to the metro Nyvky.

Solomenskiy district

Protasov Yar. Of course, the most popular and there is a place for winter activities. Here, however, more common to meet people on skis or snowboards. There are only two descent – for beginners and pros. You can use the services of equipment rental and comfortably return to the top of the slopes on the lift.

Can be reached from the stations sports Palace and Olympic.

Batu mountain. There are slides for children and adults. Easier slopes can be found inside the Park, and abruptly – from the street Machine and Kudryashova.

Here comes a trolley bus №3 from Solomenska square and trolleybus No. 40 from metro.

SHEVCHENKIVS’kyi district

The Botanical garden im. Fomina. In the Central area of the capital you can go in the “old” Botanical garden. However, the place is not very convenient. Suitable places for skiing not so much, may interfere with passing people or trees.

Located near the metro station University.

Landscape alley. Here is the place for lovers of real extreme, because slides are fairly steep. Sometimes it is possible to find the slopes covered with ice for lovers of the thrill. For children is not recommended.

Go here 16 and 18 trolley buses from the metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”.

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