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Kiev is afraid of the exhumation of poles in Volhynia, – Duda

In Volyn was not Polish-Ukrainian war and was ethnic cleansing of poles, said Duda.

After a meeting in Brussels with the President of Petro Poroshenko, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that the two countries have large differences in historical dispute. He said this on his return to Warsaw.

“I expect the historical truth. I say clear: in the Volyn region, there was no Polish-Ukrainian war, there was genocide, there was carried out an ethnic cleansing of poles, ordinary people in the village, and farmers of Polish families, children,” said Duda, answering the question about the reasons why not was a joint Polish-Ukrainian events commemorating the victims of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Volyn tragedy.

Commenting on the progress of his talks with Poroshenko, Duda said: “Mr. President replies, but were also from the Polish side. I do not deny it. Was, of course, but the disparity is huge. After all, if they say that died no more than a few thousand, though some argue that less than ten of the Ukrainian population, the Polish losses estimated at 100,000 people. And it wasn’t military, I repeat, it was the civilians”.

According to the Polish President, these issues “should be resolved by the historians.” “But in order that we could decide, should be at least consent to an exhumation,” – said the President.

“If someone doesn’t want to agree to the exhumation, I ask, why does he afraid that historical truth is due to the exhumation will actually open and absolutely proven, how many of these people lies in these mass graves?”, asked Duda.

According to the President of Poland, however is a prerequisite for the development of good relations between Kiev and Warsaw in the future. “Even if that truth is painful,” he said.

Duda added that it can be painful for both Ukrainian and Polish sides. “Because you have to say, we weren’t saints in this and also have before bow your head”, he added.

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