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Kiev covered serious wedding boom

Киев накрыл нешуточный свадебный бумThis is three times more than in any other week of the past month.

The capital covered the wedding boom. According to the state of justice, last week in Kiev and I got married over a thousand couples is three times more than in any other week of the past month. Reporters visited the Central registry office, where in the last three days of April were married 173 couple.

MARRIED IN THE OUTPUT. According to the Director of the Central registry office Valentina Chesnokova, wanting to get married in these days there were so many young painted even on a day off on Sunday.

Киев накрыл нешуточный свадебный бум

Hype. The ZAGS were constantly coming new couple. Photo: D. Pavlov

“The young players have a belief that if you are getting married in may, then all life will suffer. So many lovers wanted to sign until may 1. On Friday we painted the 72 pairs, Saturday 75, Sunday 26 pairs. Last year, such a rush was not” — told Chesnokov.

In the registry office on Saturday was Packed. To the Palace almost every five minutes a car drove up, decorated with ribbons, flowers, soft toys, and planted the happy couple and the guests. In the room on two floors were crowded with dozens of relatives and friends wanting to congratulate the couple.

Киев накрыл нешуточный свадебный бум

Tuples. The cars were decorated with flowers and soft toys. Photo: D. Pavlov

A VERY SPECIAL DATE. Newlyweds Catherine and Artem Bilous in their special day came to congratulate the 45 relatives and friends. “We decided not to risk it, so you do not suffer”, — told the “Today” of the young. “On this day, many years ago, got married, and my parents. So for us, this date has become even more symbolic,” with a smile said the bride.

Киев накрыл нешуточный свадебный бум

Newlyweds. Ekaterina and Artem decided not to risk it with the date. Photo: D. Pavlov

But the couple Vladimir and Alina to the date of the painting was more than thoroughly. “A date for our wedding, I looked at all the calendars. Lunar has identified the most auspicious day, and the Church excluded the days on which fasting and religious holidays, in which to get married is impossible. Also it was important that it was a Saturday, and all relatives could come to us. I was very nervous and the weather was good. The forecast had to watch every day,” said bride Alina.

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