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Kiev became known the grisly details of the murder

Киев: стали известны жуткие подробности убийстваHusband dropping from a height, the woman wanted to commit suicide.

The couple lived in a typical nine-story. The past eight months, the 49-year-old woman cared for the 51-year-old husband.

They lived first in a hostel, and then got an apartment. Gave birth to two daughters. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The husband worked as a gas welder. Because of this, some from his lung problems started. A few years ago became the third disability group. And last year had a stroke. Was getting worse and worse. Craniotomy done, thought, help, and he lapsed into a coma. Wife once worked as an accountant, but lost his place and went with a cleaner. But there had to retire.

The daughter helped her mother, but mostly money. Girls lived separately, build their future.

The doctors shrugged – nothing else can do. To send her husband abroad for rehabilitation was not possible. Help daughters and retired to care for a sick barely enough for medicine and food.

Wife had to feed every two hours somebody via a special probe. Products followed carefully grind in a blender and change the catheter. And the patient often was required to turn over to avoid bedsores.

The family could help neighbors, relatives. Small apartment after the misfortune had to equip, to install a special bed for the flatliners and life-support systems.

Woman faces 15 years in prison.

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