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Kiev again demanding to ban Parking on pavements

Киевляне повторно требуют запретить парковку на тротуарахOn the website of the Kyiv city state administration published the petition.

On the website of the city Council are collecting signatures on a petition to prohibit Parking on sidewalks and return walkways to pedestrians.

The author of the statement Bogdan GDAL requires at the city level to approve a ban on Parking on sidewalks, or to lobby for relevant amendments to resolution of Cabinet of Ministers “On the rules of the road”. The exception may be locations that are specifically defined by the city authorities and marked with special markings.

The current rules are treated freely by the drivers. So, according to paragraph Parking, Parking on sidewalks is prohibited with the exception of cars and motorcycles, which left 2 meters from the edge of the sidewalk. However, most drivers regard this paragraph as permission to take up the whole sidewalk.

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Therefore, the petitioner proposes to limit the action or to cancel this rule, and instead to focus on the rule 10.15.b: “Parking on sidewalks is prohibited, except in the places designated by appropriate traffic signs installed signs”.

In addition, the petitioner proposes to tighten the requirements for the sites allocated by the city authorities on the sidewalks. For example, set aside for Parking only of those sites are not actually used by pedestrians.

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The Metropolitan government also need to strengthen the accountability of drivers for illegal Parking.

“Sidewalks is not just a pedestrian area. This public space. It is a space where people meet, socialize, admire the architecture, feel comfortable. Free untouched areas of the city are not less important for architecture and landscape. They connect the city into a coherent composition, allow the city to “breathe”, and the citizens feel comfortable, ” writes the author of the petition.

Note that this petition is repeated, to complete the vote, it remains only six days. The first such petition received 5924 votes of the 10,000 needed.

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