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Kharkiv: at school the man died

Харьков: в школе скончался мужчина Circumstances are PE are investigated.

The tragedy occurred in the workplace.

In secondary school № 31 (St. Vladislav Zubenko, 32) the tragedy occurred. As noted in GU Gastrula in the Kharkiv region, November 8, during working hours has died 53-the summer watchman.

We will remind that it not the first case in the region, when people die on the job.

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So, on November 12 on private enterprise “, zukrovik-Argo”, which is located in the village of Parkhomivka (Krasnokutsky area), killed a man. It “tightened” in a conveyor belt. And November 4 45-year-old man was killed while unloading wagon with gravel.

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