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Journalists checked as Kiev convenient for cyclists

Журналисты проверили, насколько Киев удобен для велосипедистовCyclists face a number of challenges.

Bike in the capital is gradually turning into a full-fledged transport. And although most people of Kiev on dvuhkonusnyh can be seen in the city for walks in the weekend, many also move on the bike and on weekdays to get to work avoiding traffic jams.

Meanwhile, many cyclists complain that lunch during Cycling – “the problem with asterisk”: the Metropolitan caterers are not always ready to serve visitors with private transport. And transportation “bike” in urban transport is sometimes a problem. “Today” decided to check why.

With the bike – in for a Burger.

In Kiev to leave the bike unattended – not the best idea: it can steal in a matter of minutes. Therefore, cyclists often, going to lunch, having “iron horses” on a summer ground, taking the closest table.

“Once you decided to eat burgers at one network school at Minsk square. To the Bicycle Parking facility was far away, well, all the tables near her were occupied. I’ve bought two bikes on a summer area and put along the fence. They are not able to prevent even in theory. But soon we were approached by a guard and asked to remove them. We refused to remove the bikes and asked for the complaint book, we were approached by the administrator of the institution. The security guard later came too, apologized,” said a resident Obolon Vyacheslav.

We decided to test how spoken such cases. For the experiment chose the tourist part of the hem – this area is always quite a lot of cyclists and a lot of places to eat. Near one of the Burger with a summer terrace bike racks is not found, so we went with the bike in the room. The staff greeted warmly, but “bike” was asked to leave outside, citing possible problems with the sanitation center. “But he can steal!”, – said we. Then the waiters agreed to leave it near the stand, promising to look after the transport. But in the long hall refused to let: the bike could interfere with other visitors.

Later we went to another institution. There was also a summer Playground and even found the bike – really, practically on the sidewalk where the bike could stop passersby and risked being stolen because the Parking is out of sight. So brought the bike to a platform and placed under the wall near the table. However, the bartender, referring to instructions from the leadership, was asked to remove a “bike” though it does not disturb anyone.

In a relatively safe Europe near establishments usually always have convenient Bicycle Parking. Although, leaving the “bike” near the cafe, still run the risk of losing it. “I did not notice that the bike wound up in a café. Saw the bike parked near usually. In fact, with the Bicycle theft problem everywhere, even in the Netherlands, and in Asia. The people I lived, showed great cable with a good coil, which is cut all – someone once tried to eat” – told us traveler Alexander Bogachenko-Miszewski.

So the best option for a snack during Cycling still remains a food street bought a Burger and have lunch in a nearby Park.

Bike transport: you can, but not everywhere and not for free

Another rasprostranennaya problem – to pass the transport with the bike, if you want to take a short cut to overcome a dangerous road without bike lanes or do not have the strength for the steep climb, which in Kiev a lot. The capital’s cyclists have almost resigned to the fact that in the underground with “bike”, but sometimes “spoke in the wheel” and put the conductors in ground transportation, not blowing into it with disassembled bikes. Although the rules of carriage of baggage in public transport allowed to carry assembled “bike”.

“A Bicycle can be transported in buses, trams, buses and funicular for free if it is folded and in the pouch, so as not to stain other passengers. But if the bike is not assembled, it is necessary to pay for excess Luggage, you have to purchase another ticket for 4 UAH”, – said Anna Cooper, head of marketing Department of KP “Kyivpastrans.” However, in terms of use of the trams and trolleybuses stipulates that passengers can carry a bike for free in a special package.

We decided to take a ride with the Bicycle in the tram No. 14 (Kontraktova square – Autogenous mill) by downloading the “bike” on the end. The conductor didn’t mind, only asking that he stood on the rear platform of the tram and do not interfere with the passengers. For carriage of dvuhkonusnyh we paid 4 of the hryvnia by buying and decompositional another pass.

You can also ride with the bike on the funicular. “For example, we went to meet the cyclists and equipped a place in the wagon for transportation of bicycles in the capital’s cable car”, – said Anna Cooper.

Meanwhile, in Europe with the bike even if it is in the subway, however, to carry it in public transport – not a cheap pleasure.

“In Prague metro you can go with an unsorted bike. The only problem is that in Europe the public transport is very expensive, and if there’s a bike – it makes no sense to spend the money. I once only drove by public transport, it was in Kosice (Slovakia), I with a broken wheel riding in a bike repair shop. I spent 50 cents one way, it was very cheap for Europe. In Germany, about three euros per trip, in Austria and Niceland is about the same. Therefore, pay 90 USD for a trip is not for Ukrainian tourists, if you have your wheels. But local transport sometimes. You just have to have a ticket,” shared experience Alexander Bogachenko-Miszewski.

Conclusion: if the conductor in the Kiev transport will not let you bike to the salon – feel free to join the discussion, maybe he just doesn’t know all the rules of carriage. And don’t forget about the additional coupons.

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