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Joke gamer led to the murder

Not digest blunt of a cruel joke

Recently we wrote in the comments Applemice, bearing in mind including the pranks. That actually looks ridiculous from the side – I personally would not want to be the victim of a prank. But one American had become a “victim” of such draw in the most literal sense.

News Agency Associated Press reports that on December 30 in Kansas police, who arrived on a false call, shoot an innocent person. Thank you to the couple of idiots-gamers, one of which is sent to another random address, by issuing his own, and the other called the cops and reported that at this location the murder took place.

The door, the police discovered 28-year-old Andrew Finch (Andrew Finch), who lived at the specified address with a good sense of humor and, of course, nothing suspected. Hearing the demand to raise his hands, the man just looked at his belt, and then one of the police officers, fearing that on the belt Andrew can be a weapon, and fired.

It was a game played by two quarreling gamers? The Call of Duty.

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