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Jennifer Lawrence will soon become “mom!”

Advertising campaign “mom!” (mother!) Darren Aronofsky is more like a puzzle, which folded before the premiere of the film unlikely. We punctually throw of different lights, they say, try to understand what we were imagining, and in the cinema check. The game is amusing, which is already there. And, it seems, the main fans have already dug.

The very title of the film hinted that the film should address the theme of motherhood. Then there was the poster referring to “rosemary’s Baby” and in comments to this news in memory suggested that Aronofsky withdrew its version of the film of Roman Polanski. The plot similarities are obvious: the frightened woman, something strange going on around Intrusive strangers and the husband, as if to become one with them. Updated Rosemary? And why not, exactly? Short synopsis “mom!” does not clarify almost anything. And new videos continue bold hint.

A couple of days ago the Network appeared in a TV spot, patiserii intense conversation about children between the heroines Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer. A day later on the Internet being discussed is already fresh “secret passage”, showing a piece of the conversation. Both videos bring to your attention.

So, it seems, the child will be tied. It remains to understand who are the people that come and go to the house of heroes? It looks like some kind of cult. Some believe that it was about vampires, because you need an invitation to enter, and hero Javier Bardem, judging by the trailer, hell loves to entertain. What role in this case, the heroine destined to Lawrence? It is unlikely that it is waiting for something good.

Final proof that Lawrence was the “mother” of the title, found you guys from Reddit. One of the posters they saw the link to the site where endlessly spinning images in the mode of a kaleidoscope. And if you look closely, at some point without much difficulty you can see Jennifer Lawrence with an impressive belly (screenshot attached below).

A lot of puzzles, few answers, but it will be interesting to go to the movies. The Russian premiere of “mommy!” is scheduled for September 14, 2017.

PS: as a bonus catch still fresh frame of film from YAHOO. Poor you Jen slowly realize the scale of the nightmare.

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