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It will be like in the end of the USSR

Будет как в конце СССР

The impoverishment of daily life in Russia in the coming years is no longer a hypothetical probability, but became a sad fact.

Someone is gloating, saying that all Khan rampant hipsters and damned bourgeois, be close to ordinary people. I wonder who we are “simple”? I do not Vladimir Vladimirovich you mean?!

Well, okay. What will occur is the depletion?

Probably will be less coffee shops and high quality catering. It will be like at the end of the USSR: vulgar luxury and rygalovki. And rare the cafeteria with cakes, after which the heartburn hurts. Then the reduction of choice of commodities: the less a good alcohol, smartphones, clothing brands and so on.

Prices will rise, especially for fruits and meat. Milk, like, hold out in an affordable price range.

Income polarization will affect domestic cultural habits: back to barbecue in the parks, Shawarma in the metro and seeds underfoot.

A little sad, but not fatal. Anyway, the craftsmen begin to make liqueurs and wine from dandelions. Let’s go to the library, not to spend the budget on more expensive ebooks. And, I hope, just stop watching TV.

Will meet more often offline. And rejoice in the fact that were more likely to see their.

I didn’t have words to explain how WE differ from THEM. As in the days of our youth “step up, step sideways, their world behind”.


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