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IT showed That on Comiccon

These days in San Diego is another Comiccon, where great attention is paid to the upcoming new film adaptation of the famous horror novel “It” (It) Stephen king. Especially for this event created a new poster to the fans was made by Director Andres, Moschetti and the young actors who played heroes and villains. And most importantly – the visitors of the Convention showed a new trailer, which emergence in the Networks we now all look forward to, because the first trailer was pretty good, set an absolute record for the number of hits and became one of the factors contributing to what is now “It” is perhaps the most important genre film of the year.

Actually, not a sin to watch this video again. And again.

Incidentally, the premiere of the new trailer was preceded by an introductory video, in which none other than himself, Stephen king “blessed” version. Then the audience was shown two excerpts from the film.

The first movie started rather unexpected scene. The heroes of the film, the boys of the “club of Losers”, was shown in his underwear. Bill, Ben, Richie, Stan and Eddie are on a rock and look out down on the water surface. It is clear that the boys want to jump in the water, but I’m afraid. They laugh, cheer each other, but no one dares to make the first move. Then from behind them comes a girl, Beverly, who also undresses to underwear, boldly runs forward and jumps off the cliff. The boys watching her, and then also jump.

Then we see playing in the water children, notice the ambiguous “perpage” between Bev and bill. Then a funny scene in which she sunbathes in the sun, and the boys standing around and looking at her. She opens her eyes and looks at them, confused boys trying (in their own way) to portray that they are all engaged in some Affairs. Richie looks at the bag of Ben’s, which has several books on the history of the city of Derry. Then Ben said that he conducted some research about the city and learned that for many years there were missing people… including children.

The following passage is an epic shootout stones between the Club Losers and Henry Bowers gang. All who have read the novel by Stephen king, or at least watched his television adaptation of 1990, remembers that Bowers was a real curse for Ben and his friends. In this stage, the Losers join Henry in open confrontation near the river, seeing how he mocks the dark-skinned boy Mike Hanlon. During the fight, Mike’s face is in the water, and then he sees in the bushes nearby Pennywise. The clown is waving to Mike… cut a child’s hand.

Beverly is throwing a stone at Bowers and hits him in the forehead. Henry dirty insult Bev, what causes the anger of the Losers, the boys threw stones at him. Buddies Bowers run, the same Henry’s remains near the Creek. Before leaving, Richie said Bowers, that he fled “to suck your daddy”.

What else is wonderful in this scene: the background for the bombing stones music plays the band Anthrax.

Then was shown a new trailer, which, as they say, there was more time given to Pennywise. But the details of this video yet no one reveals. However, it does not matter – the premiere of the trailer the Network is expected by the end of this or early next week.

In any case, it’s not all the news from Comiccon. And it’s not all the news about “It”! So stay tuned, friends, there are a lot!

The presentation of “It” wandering around strange people dressed “under Georgie”, the boy kills Pennywise in the beginning of the film:

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