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It seems that the Daniels problems. The new frame of “Alien: the Testament”

Jokes about “putting the film in pieces” is not funny. Yes, we have no time to laugh. We carefully print each new image and pasted around the walls instead of Wallpaper. Why collect film if the frames enough for the whole world “Alien: Covenant”! Next up is the classic scene with insane laughter.

So, the Yahoo! he shared another exclusive. On the fresh shot, we see Daniels, the main character of the movie performed by Katherine Waterston. And apparently, the woman would be glad to be somewhere on the opposite side of the galaxy. Probably, the collision of the alien has begun, and that means it’s time to resort to the mantra, “Run. Hide. Pray.” Well, Daniels really with undisguised pleading looks at the oxygen tank at the door. Someone will get them slobbery teeth? Or will the big Bada-boom? Maybe it is the fuel for the flamethrower? Well, anything is possible.

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Anyway, thank you, Ridley, for another day with fresh footage from “Alien: the Covenant.”

By the way, look at all that we have collected at this point, you can here.

The Russian premiere will take place on 18 may 2017.

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