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It looks like the lucky people who managed to cheat death. Photo

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. ФотоThe luckiest people in the world.

Some people, despite all cross the road black cats and broken mirrors seem to be always lucky. That’s just against all odds! In this review of 10 most interesting life stories that prove that destiny is not an ephemeral concept.

1. Australian three times lucky

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

When his car collided with a truck, Aussie bill Morgan was literally crushed, and even the doctors believed that this is the end. Although he spent more than 14 minutes was considered legally dead, bill suddenly came to life. After that, he spent 12 days in a coma and woke up after his family agreed to disconnect life support systems. But luck bill is not over. In order to celebrate his glorious resurrection, Morgan bought a lottery ticket and won a car worth 17 000 Australian dollars (currently the car is 25 000). When the local news stations got wind of it, everyone was so impressed with bill’s luck that he decided to make the show about him. During transmission bill interviewed to erase the protective coating still on the same ticket, and… it live won $ 250 000.

2. Lightning as a panacea

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

The chances of getting struck by lightning is 1 : 12 000. But, apparently, for the blind and deaf these chances increase. 62-year-old Edwin E. Robinson was roaming the fields around his home, focusing with the help of an aluminum cane, and when it started raining, hidden under the only tree in the field. And then he was struck by lightning. Within 20 minutes, Edwin was unconscious and when he awoke, walked to the house and I fell asleep. When Robertson awoke in the evening, he found that he received his sight and hearing.

3. Lottery millionaire

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

Few people know that the chance that the top will fall asteroid, higher than the chance of winning the lottery. But that did not stop Joan ginther. During her life she won the lottery four times puzzled scholars around the world. And each time it was not a paltry $ 20 or $ 50, and multimillion-dollar sum. First, Joan won a $ 5.4 million 10 years – $ 2 million, two years later $ 3 million, and then as much as $ 10 million in 2008.

4. Twice a survivor of the atomic bombing

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

During world war II, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was employed by Mistubishi Heavy Industries and traveled all over the country. It was during his trip to Hiroshima in 1945, the city had dropped the first atomic bomb. Although Yamaguchi was wounded, he miraculously survived the explosion. After this he returned to his family home in Nagasaki, and came to work the next day. And then dropped a second atomic bomb.

We can say that it made him the unluckiest man in the world, but the Japanese managed to survive the second nuclear explosion. Throughout his life Yamaguchi spoke out against nuclear weapons and technology. The Japanese lived up to 93 years and died on January 4, 2010 at his home in Nagasaki.

5. Change the ticket and to cheat death

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

Sometimes people survive only because they avoid dangerous situations, and unconsciously. They are usually credited with such lucky circumstances (e.g. sudden illness or urgent business introduced), but in other cases people argue that they have a strange feeling not to do something. In just four months, the Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jong twice “cheated death” in a plane crash. He booked a place in the flight MH17, but found a cheaper flight and exchanged her ticket. As you know, MH17 went down over Ukraine. and Maarten was planning to fly aboard flight MH370, but for some reason backed out at the last moment. This plane went missing over the South China sea in 2014, and it was never found.

6. Nichiren Buddhism

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

In the XII century Nichiren Buddhism was a famous Japanese monk, which greatly influenced the Japanese adaptation of Buddhism . However, his life was full of contradictions and upheavals. He was sentenced to death by beheading, as the authorities considered his work subversive. However, during the execution Nichiren managed to miraculously escape death when the executioner lifted the sword to behead the monk, killed by lightning. It is considered a sign, and Nairana released.

7. Terry Preece

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

Oysters are loved by many: they are popular in restaurants and among Housewives because of its spicy taste. Some people think they are a good aphrodisiac. And Terry Pris lucky in one of the oysters (a few pieces she bought for 49 pence in Tesco) to find… a gem. The chances are like one in a million. Now Terry is going to move to Spain, and her colleagues at the homeless shelter got her a parting gift in the form of a ring with a socket gem for under £ 500.

8. Anders Helstrup

When the person jumps with a parachute, it represents that it is associated with certain risks. But hardly anyone expects during a parachute jump near sweep meteorite. Exactly this happened with the Norwegian Anders Helstrom. No one believed him, but Anders has removed all on camera.

Later, scientists confirmed that just over Helstrom 20 kilometers above exploded meteoroid.

9. Lina Palson

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

In 1995, the Swede Lina Palson took off his wedding ring to do Christmas baking. But after cooking it was found that the ring is gone. After several years of searching, she and her husband came to the conclusion that the ring was lost forever. But in 2012, almost 16 years later, when Lina went to the garden to pull some carrots, a shocked woman found on one of them your ring. The probability that one of the carrot seeds when planting after so many years got into the ring, lying in the ground strives to zero, but it happened.

10. Frane Selak

Так выглядит удача: люди, сумевшие перехитрить смерть. Фото

It was called “the luckiest unlucky man in the world”. Croatian frane Selak has cheated death, and not one, not two, but a whole seven times. His first encounter with death occurred in January 1962. The train, which went to frane, derailed and fell into the frozen river. Passers-by pulled the Croat to shore, however, he escaped with only a broken arm and hypothermia, while 17 other passengers drowned.

Just a year later, during his first and last flight of the plane, which flew frane, lost altitude and fell to the ground. Frane kicked out of his open door of the plane and somehow he managed to land on the haystack unharmed. The plane crashed and killed 19 people. Three years after that, in 1966, Celcom bus fell off the road into the river. Drowned while four passengers, and lucky Horvath safely reached shore.

Two years later, when frane Selak tried to teach my son how to hold a gun and the gun went off ustralia frane testicles… but he again survived. Then, in 1970 and 1973, he got into an accident in which a car ended up on fire. Everything ended except that opalennye hair. But then ended his game with death.

In 1995, frane was hit by a bus in Zagreb, while the man received only minor injuries, and a year later he managed to avoid a head-on collision with a truck of the United Nations when travelling on a mountain road. Car frane struck a guardrail and flew off in the 100-meter abyss, and the Croat has thrown into his open door.

And to top off his luck, in 2003, two days after he was 73 years old, frane Selak won $ 1 100 000 in the Croatian national lottery.

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