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It is forbidden to bathe! Toothy look trailer of the series “the Siren”

And just look at that face! I think no Prince will not survive a meeting with this mermaid, even if armed with a hook and a gun for underwater hunting.

As we have just known that the company “Freeform” has announced the release of the series “Siren” (the Siren) of the ten episodes in the summer of 2018, and judging by the trailer, we all have to find a place in the plans for a relaxing evening to view it. As “Freeform” is a division of Empire Disney, there is expected a great big-budget show, which employs professionals in their field, and really, it looks much better than most future horror blockbusters.

It seems that soon the coastal waters will run red with blood!

So be it.

Watch the trailer, read the description and admire along with a “Zone horror”.

“Siren” takes us to Bristol cave, a small coastal town, which according to legend once was home to mermaids. When the streets of the town there is a mysterious girl, the locals starting to think that the legends was a lot more truth than fiction, and the confrontation between humans and marine inhabitants turns into a deadly battle for survival in the dark waters for the right to reign over the ocean.

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