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It became known, when switch off the fountains in Kiev

Стало известно, когда выключат фонтаны в КиевеSince October, the fountains will not work.

“Kawatha” remind residents of the capital, two days after the season ends fountain.

“On October 1, they go on a holiday. But you can still catch the last light and music performances on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti and on rusanivsky channel,” said the company.

As you know, the fountains sparkle and sing in the evenings, from 21:00 to 23:00.

We will remind, this summer the fountains survived a few adventures. In June Kontraktova square unknown foamed water, leaving in the bowl the detergent. And in September, painted the water in several fountains in the center of the green.

In 2016, a project was developed three phases for the construction of fountains in the waters of the Rusanovskoye channel, each of which includes 4 fountain. Last year was completed the second phase (launched 8 fountain), and this made further work.

The height of all 12 elements and 30 metres, they have evening lighting and music.

The sum of the costs of construction of the third phase is 5.6 million, and the total cost of construction of the entire facility amounted to 13 million UAH.

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