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It became known, that the Ukrainians spend the most money

Стало известно, на что украинцы тратят больше всего денегPublished by new data.

Ukrainians spend 94% of money earned for goods and services, manage to postpone only 6%.

A year ago, the figures of expenditure were 90,8%, and two years ago to 89.2%.

The most sought-after goods and services are products and medications, as well as the cost of travel is becoming more expensive faster than the average inflation in the country.

Spending increased despite the increase in average salaries over three years by 1.7 times was not allowed to save anymore, on the contrary spending increased.

According to state statistics, all Ukrainians spent in the first half more than 442 billion. If you consider that the country has more than 16 million households, each of which averages of 2.58 person, the income per household is about 4600 UAH/month. Of them for products out of 1850 UAH/month., and, for example, travel — 460 UAH/month., the bad habits — 330 UAH/month., on drugs — 280 UAH/month.

Amid high cost of food and transport people spend seven times more money on alcohol and cigarettes than on education! And almost twice more than the rest, communication, clothing and footwear. Moreover, in three years the cost of tuition percentage has fallen by one third, and the money remained almost the same.

With inflation from 2015 to 2017 spending on education have less to 34%.

The bad habits Ukrainians spend more than 11.5 billion UAH, than in 2015,%, 18%, and adjusted for inflation.

According to experts, the crisis will last three years, and after 2020 will start the recovery as the global and Ukrainian economy.

Стало известно, на что украинцы тратят больше всего денег

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