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It became known as Ukrainians often read

Стало известно, как часто читают украинцы The results of the survey disappointing.

Most reading country in 2017 was recognized as China, where recently opened a unique library of enormous size. Here more than 70% of respondents read a daily or at least once a week. In Ukraine this figure is much lower.

The results of the survey published portal The Point.

During the study, a survey was conducted of Ukrainian employees, how often they read. And 1227 of the respondents frankly admitted, how often, where and what they read.

Almost half – 43,5% read every day or almost every day. Almost 30% involved reading several times a week, every sixth is not averse to through the book a few times a month, every tenth is ready to poshelestet pages a few times a year, and only 2% do not read at all.

Those who do not read are discouraged from lack of time – half of respondents cite this reason. 23% reading – the process is boring, and for 13% – expensive.

The most popular among readers enjoy business books – 47% of respondents mentioned it as the most popular fiction. Then there are historical novels and fantasy. A little behind the scientific literature and detectives. In the comments readers have indicated that you do not forget to read the classics and the Bible.

At the same time, new technologies that conquer the world, touched and reading – 53% prefer books in an electronic variant.

This one in five regularly buys the paper book, and every third does it sometimes.

As for home libraries – Yes, the Ukrainian staff love it. Only a third of respondents do not collect home favorite or useful books. A quarter of survey participants in the home libraries of more than 100 volumes.

If to speak about office libraries, then, unfortunately, only a quarter of the offices boast of office libraries. This idea is not worth a lot of money if you approach the issue systematically, but benefit from it very much.

At the same time, if to speak in figures, the percentages were distributed almost evenly between those who read 5-10 books a year, or more than 20 books. By the way, lazy people who read 1-2 books per year, were less likely to 7.7%.

I am glad that Ukrainians read books, not because they have to, and for fun – 80,5%, and perceive the reading process. For 61% it is also an opportunity to develop, and 54% get their books right information.

But even pleasure is not always enough time. At least 78% believe that read less frequently than they would like. Though I try to give reading every free moment – in transport, before bedtime or early in the morning, on weekends and on vacation – in short, when the opportunity arises.

The good news is the fact that in order to read the Ukrainian staff is ready to abandon the television and social networks. They read while eating, read in queues, in the evening when the kids are asleep, etc. in a Word, “you can always find when something really want” – so wrote one of the survey participants.

For comparison, in Spain the proportion of the reading public is 57%. Globally the proportion of those who opens the book once a week is 50.7%. These are the findings of an online survey of GfK, which was carried out among 22 thousand people in 17 different countries, including USA, UK, Germany, France.

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