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It became clear why Russia wants to bury Lenin

Стало понятно, почему в России хотят похоронить ЛенинаThis is a kind of trick of the Russian authorities.

The Russian authorities could suggest the idea of burial of the body of Vladimir Lenin to catch the attention of citizens from the current problems.

About it in the blog on “echo of Moscow” wrote the journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov.

“Why, why suddenly appeared in the bill for the burial of Lenin’s body, whether this is done again in order to switch the attention of citizens from real issues to contrived? Well, that is Lenin in the Mausoleum, and lies, to prevent it? Or is it the beginning of some clever pre-election combination. In the course of which Putin at some point will support the initiative of Duma members, will sign the relevant law, and eventually run for presidency as the leader who dared to do something that was not solved its predecessors?” he said.

“Maybe in Putin’s head stirred any mystical considerations, because there is a theory that until the body is buried Lenin, Russia will never be able to climb out of the abyss tormenting her problems — from increasing international isolation to increasing stabilization technology gap with the advanced countries of the world to compensate for that will fail no no Imperial rhetoric, no saber rattling, no Patriotic slogans. I think the whole idea of the law, which, supposedly, will finally be removed from red square, Lenin’s mummy is still nothing more than an attempt to move public discourse in a false, or as it is now fashionable to say, “fake” mainstream,” – said the journalist.

Kiselev also noted the point that it “affects” the situation around the burial of Lenin.

“If you believe the results of a recent survey by “Levada Center,” 60% of Russians advocate that one way or another to rebury the remains of the Bolshevik leader. While 56% positively estimate its role in the country’s history. 44% belong to Lenin with admiration. Respect or sympathy. 79% disagree with the idea of demolition of monuments to Lenin”, – he wrote.

The journalist stressed that he “absolutely kills it”.

“A radical, an extremist, a politician who scorned the democratic rights and freedoms, a person who committed an armed anti-democratic coups that dispersed the Constituent Assembly, which established a one-party dictatorship, drenched in blood, unleash the country’s “red terror”, which killed millions of people, forced to go into exile millions of others, the best, most talented, the most noble, the most educated, the most enterprising sons and daughters of Russia, and thus initiating a century of negative selection of Russian gene pool, enjoys the honor and respect of the majority of today’s Russian citizens. That is, of course, the greatest moral crisis of the country in which we live,” said Kiselev.

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