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Intranet roaming will remain in Russia until the summer of 2018

In the summer of current year the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has forced all operators to abolish intra-network roaming within the borders of Russia, but in the allotted time, none of these requirements are not fulfilled. But they asked for a delay until the end of this year, but, as it became known, and before this period they also did not have time.

According to available data, December 15, 2017, the day when Russia had to stop the existence of national roaming is not the final date. New information says that operators have faced a number of difficulties, so they will require on average six months or more, to meet the requirements of the FAS. In fact, the abolition of roaming for Russians themselves is not particularly significant – long-term stay outside the home region can always buy a local SIM card with prepaid minutes to call within the network.

Another thing is that this is the abolition of roaming will necessarily entail growth of tariffs for communication in the home region, so that in reality the subscribers, that is, you will not only benefit from all this, but, on the contrary, will have to pay for mobile communication even more. So in the first half of 2018 wait SMS message from the operator with information about new conditions of your tariff. We also add that very soon there will be a limit on the number of SIM-cards per capita – the corresponding bill already prepares, so please stock up on cards of all four operators to have the ability to use services on the most favorable terms in the current time.

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