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Interesting facts about the filming of “Brilliant hands”. Photo

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». ФотоCult Soviet movie.

28 April 1969 saw the premiere of one of the most popular films directed by Leonid Gaidai in the history of Soviet movie “the diamond arm”.

We all love this wonderful movie, a good half of the phrases which fell into the category of “people”. Sparkling humor, the subtle irony of the film the picture firmly won a place in everyone’s heart who has ever watched it. But did you know that the film could be very different?

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

The idea of this scenario occurred to the authors after reading a series of articles by journalist A. Sakhnin in the newspaper “Pravda”, dedicated to the fight against smugglers. In one of the notes mentioned the original way of transportation of values in a cast.

According to the scenario, the plot of the film was supposed to be: a simple Soviet man semen Semenovich Pavlik (then it will be Timoshkina and only to the release of the film — Gorbunkova), went on tour in foreign countries, was at the center of smuggling frauds. Overall, the script was OK, but spoke and observations: it was recommended to cut scenes with the participation of upravdom Ivy, to make a more “convex” the role of the police (promotion), to reduce the Trinity of smugglers up to two people, removing the Baby.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

The main role Gorbunkova was written exclusively for Nikulin. “Soyuzcert” Nikulin was given leave for six months, something never done.

“Foreign” part was shot in Uzbekistan, and the “city Gorbunkova” — in the Crimea.

Initially the film was to be called “Smugglers” and the finale was supposed to be different — more lyrical. Namely:

From the entrance all the family Gorbunkova in new clothes, semen Semenovich now plastered with two hands, but he looks happy. The children come forward, and Hope takes her husband’s hand and, blushing, said quietly: “Senya, I wanted to tell you… we’re having a baby!”

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

Also deleted was the replica, “says the chief, more importantly in this case socialist realism” and “the Party and the government left in the second year.” The reason is political.

In the monologue upravdoma Ivy “I wouldn’t be surprised if your husband secretly visited his mistress!” initially instead of “mistress” was the word “synagogue”.

In shooting script not a drunk wife wakes the Seeds of an alarm clock and it falls and hangs on the neck picture. The idea is to use the alarm came after a series of unsuccessful doubles — painting was not hung on the neck Nikulina “beautiful”.

“Song about hares” in the first audition performed on the boat. Just before the film’s release it was replaced by “the Island of bad luck”, and “Song about hares” migrated to the restaurant — “to dilute the pathos.”

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

Remember the scene where Mironov gives a kick walking on the water the boy who stooped for a fishing rod? This role was played by the son of Yuri Nikulin. This scene for a long time did not work — the boy fell into the water before Mironov managed to swing a leg, so the Embassy assured the boy that Mironov simply pass by.

Soothing Maxim bent over the rod, and insidious Director Mironov whispered: “put your back into it!” Double turned and nikulinskaya offspring and the current CEO and artistic Director of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard terribly offended by “uncle Andrew”. The episode was in the movie and the sound cut out.

Both played this scene so naturally that Gesina “help! Help! Mommy!” came a real boat with rescuers!

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

The song “Volcano of passion” performed no Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Aida Vedischeva who sang in “the Caucasian captive”. Svetlichnaya was very offended by Gaidai, because he gave her to sing. She asked Nina Pectinate: “Why the Embassy didn’t give to sing with your voice?” Meanwhile, in the film, Svetlichnaya says not his voice, and the voice of Zoe Tolbuzinu. The only phrase Svetlichnaya said she: “I’m Not guilty!..”

Almost all the songs for the films Gaidai invented by the composer Alexander Zatsepin. “The island of bad luck” so not like I thought that he was considering throwing in the basket, but on samples of the song so brilliantly sung Mironov, the Embassy insisted that it necessarily included in the film.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

The scene of the fall of at a pharmacy Mironov turned on the first take, but Nikulin could not fall as it should. Initially it was assumed that a banana skin, then it was replaced by the watermelon rind. The replacement did not help, and instead fell Nikulin Leonid Kanevsky. The scene was filmed in Baku.

Terrible gibberish, which swears smuggler — hero Kanev, there is nothing like a coded message to his then sweetheart who later became his wife. If you listen closely, you can hear as he repeats several times “Berezina kamanit”. Berezina — the name of the spouse Kanevsky.

Of all the Actresses, probabalise on the role of upravdom Ivy, Gaidai liked… Nonna Mordjukova. Besides, she was not on friendly terms with Andrey Mironov, believing him to be a “Mama’s boy”. Mironov answered her affection. If Nonna on shooting incorrectly pronounced the words, Mironov immediately corrected her.

Remember how during underwater shooting with Papanova pulled the panties? This scene was filmed with stand-in. During filming had to go on different tricks. For example, at the time had no cameras that can shoot under water, so to protect equipment from water Mosfilmovsky a craftsman fashioned from resin special box. And part of underwater scenes shot with the mockup: made the figure of a man, and a combined shooting and tinkering with it in the puddle.

In the episode where the son Gorbunkova throws ice cream in Mironova, actually used cottage cheese (it is better to “salsa”), and rushed the boy and assistant Director. Educated Soviet child did not have the guts naturally “to vanish” cottage cheese in famous actor.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

One of the funniest episodes, when the huge fellow asked: “Daddy, you got a smoke?” — a frightened Gorbunkova (“are You deaf?” “Yes!”) filmed in the underground crossing on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, previously there was the toilet.

In the role of a child’s skull were made by the correspondent of the magazine “Smena” L. Pleshakov, who agreed to temporarily change the profession for the sake of an interview with Nikulin, extremely popular at the time. This short scene was filmed 4 hours! Hayday Pleshakova approved for the role after he showed him his hairy chest.

The ship was named Gaidai “Mikhail Svetlov” because of his great love for the work of the poet. To the port came in the ship “Victory”, the Embassy persuaded the captain one day to rename the ship, even lifebuoys copied. In the end, all the scenes on the boat were shot in one day! The film was released. The chief of the Navy, learning that “Mikhail Svetlov” in his Department is not listed, ordered to correct the omission, and first launched on the new ship was named in honor of the poet.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

During the filming rumor has it that Nikulin has died. In fact, an employee of the hotel “Horizon” found in the basement Nikulina body covered by a sheet. In horror she began to get accustomed, but in reality it was a replica made for the filming of the episode, when Gorbunkov falls out of the helicopter.

The film used a lot of decorations: the ATA village near Tuapse has built a “Sand island”!

While fishing Lelik (Papanov) in the heart says “you Idiot!” However, this phrase is addressed not to the Geshe, and someone from the crew, arrested the shooting, the water was ice cold.

In the film Gorbunkova wife frequently says to her husband: “You’re so gullible!” In the scenario of these words was not, but in real life Nina Grebeshkova is often said that wife — L. Gaidai — and he has invested its familiar words in the mouth of the heroine.

The episode where the police take away the singing drunk, sounded quite true.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

In the final film the episode where the crane lowers Nikulin in the car ZIS-110, after which the Nikulin beats on the hook head, was not planned. Nikulin hit for real, and it was this episode that made it into the film.

In the same final episode Nikulin raises the boat from the orange crane jib, and down to the car — green.

When the Nightjar arrives at the base where Gorbunkova had to remove the plaster “without noise and a dust”, he’s in a dress, in a skirt. But inside the base he’s already in pants and a t-shirt.

Интересные факты о съемках «Бриллиантовой руки». Фото

Remember? “Child — ice cream, Baba — the flowers!” Hero Mironov coming to the table, holding a Popsicle, but after a few seconds it turns into ice cream balls in the vases. A miracle!

In the same scene Nightjars Gorbunkova gives his wife two roses.

At the end of the first part on the station THEN Papanov and Mironov, Nikulin is clamped from both sides in the pit, he definitely has no way out. The second series begins with the fact that Nikulin is already out of the pit.

In the scene where Nightjars trying to stun Nikulina stone, he gets out of the bag a white stone, and gray swings!

Pegasus in the store (“do you have the same, but without wings?”) has starred in the movie “Office romance”, under its weight be weary hero A. Myagkova in the episode “horse” and then in the interior of the apartment of the composer in the Comedy “Shirley myrli”. This horse is still kept in the prop Department of “Mosfilm”. Props!

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