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Indie horror at its best – “Friends don’t leave friends”

Four people can keep a secret if three of them are dead.

Chic slogan for the chamber of the horror Thriller with few actors, a small number of locations and the atmosphere of suspense and General paranoia. In the greedy paws of the Zone Horror got exclusive info, poster and stills of film “Friends don’t leave friends” (Friends Don’t Let Friends), which release through VOD services will be held tomorrow, November 28.

“Friends Don’t Let Friends” called “the low-budget independent horror at its best”. What about small budget – at the very point, because, according to rumors, the cost of painting amounted to a measly ten thousand dollars. The company Brownwell Entertainment, under the label where the film was released, really tiny Studio, founded by a married couple, Jamie S. brown and Lindy Caldwell, which is where the producers, Directors and writers.

At the same time Jamie and Lindy managed to collect quite sane cast. No, not stars, of course, but people with some experience: Jake white, for example, played in the TV remake of “Children of corn”; and Brittany Anne Woodford was lit in the film “the family Man” in 2016.

Jamie C. brown says:

From the beginning I knew that “Friends Don’t Let Friends” will not be an easy film for the audience. I wanted the audience felt that seeing something forbidden that the characters are something, which they wouldn’t wish their friends and relatives. Every good company has its Stephanie, Dave, Jeb and Carrie. I hope we have created something that will linger in your memory after viewing.

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