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In Zaporozhye entrepreneurs rally for new pay stubs for heat

В Запорожье предприниматели митингуют из-за новых платежек за теплоEntrepreneurs are forced to pay more than usual.

Wednesday, January 3, in Kiev will host a meeting of entrepreneurs who are protesting against the new system of calculating payments for heat.

The owners of private enterprises, whose offices and shops are located in residential buildings, say, in November for heating them counted in 2-2,5 times more than usual.

Explaining the new amount in “Heating” refer to the law “On commercial accounting of heat energy and water”, which recently entered into force. According to this law, private enterprises, in areas where meters are installed heat, should also participate in the payment of heating common area of the house – basements, porches, etc.

The law States that payment should be made by a special technique, but the technique has not yet been developed. In “Heating” counted the cost for heating according to the quadrature of the square. Huge bills received, even those private companies that have abandoned Central heating, remodeled and switched on the heating.

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