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In Ukraine will change the rules of organ transplants

В Украине изменят правила пересадки органовIt is now possible to transplant organs only from relatives.

In 2018 year, Ukraine will start the program for renal transplantation from an unrelated donor.

For these purposes from the state budget will allocate 112 million. On 2019 and 2020 – more than 100 million annually. Already in 2018 in Ukraine will carry out a kidney transplant.

The annual demand for transplant is nearly 2,000 kidney, 1000 heart transplants, and 1,500 liver and 600 bone marrow.

Despite this, the government make every year not more than 150 transplants, heart transplants for all history of independence there were only six. In April last year at the Institute named Shalimova for the first time in the country held lung transplantation, although in the world every year, make up to 3000 such operations. Therefore, the level of development of Transplantology in Ukraine occupies the last place in Europe.

As said in the broadcast, the acting Minister of health Suprun, transplantation in the state did not develop 26. This process was launched on the orders of the Ministry to start work coordinators transplant. It will be the doctors who will coordinate this process.

“There are donor and recipient. You need to connect them. Transportoriented – a doctor who deals with the whole process in the hospital. In Ukraine, there are five hospitals who do the transplantation,” she said.

Suprun added that now the state only allowed a transplant from relatives, but in 2018 we will begin the process of kidney transplants from corpses.

“It happens when the person is dead the brain. You need to have specific equipment to prove it and show. In Ukraine, many hospitals do not have such equipment. This year alone we issued an order that allow anesthesiologists to do it. From foreign bodies. Because the law does not allow to non-native live transfer authorities”, – said acting Minister.

According to her, specialized doctors will attend special courses at the postgraduate Academy. They will last a few weeks. Apparatus for determining brain death is 2-3 thousand dollars.

Further, as said Suprun, hospitals will be young people or those patients who have no chronic diseases. However, these patients have no chance for life. The doctor will talk with the family of this person and ask them about the donations. Now in Ukraine there is a register of donors and recipients.

“In the registry there are 6000 of those who need help. Donors are the people who have moved there until his death. Most important to have a list of recipients. When the doctor talked to relatives, there is evidence of brain death, then it is possible to find in the registry the person to whom this authority can be transferred. Then the organ is transported between the cities. Working on that whole team. Now in Ukraine there are only five hospitals in which this can be done”, – stated the acting head of the Ministry of health.

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