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In Ukraine there arrived another ship with anthracite from South Africa

В Украину прибыло очередное судно с антрацитом из ЮАРThe coal is intended for Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP.

Today “ICC “South” begins unloading the second vessel with anthracite from South Africa, which will be sent to Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP.

This morning to the berth of the state enterprise “Sea commercial port “Yuzhny” has moored the ship YAUNG FENG ZHAO with coal from South Africa. The owner of the goods and energy company DTEK. 75 thousand tons of anthracite is scheduled to unload at the warehouse of the enterprise for 2-3 days and promptly shipped to cars for shipment to Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP.

“This is the second ship of the Panamax type with African coal, which is unloaded in SE “ICC “South” since the beginning of the year. To receive the contracted volumes of hard coal for thermal power plant we are prepared and planned in 2017 to take at least another 6 such courts. To perform the unloading of the vessel will be a modern gantry cranes Tukan” — quoted in the message port’s acting Director of SE “ICC”South” Vitaly Zhukovsky.

Recall that the first vessel 75 thousand tons of coal from South Africa were unloaded at SE “ICC “South” for 2.5 days at the end of may 2017. DTEK is contracted until the end of the year 675 thousand tons of coal in South Africa with the possibility of increasing the supply of 1 million tons.

In turn, DTEK is in the message recalled that the coal is intended for Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP. As of 23 July, the stocks of anthracite at the stations is 110 thousand tons and 90 tons respectively.

“Today Ukraine has received 150 thousand tons of imported anthracite in the framework of the contract for the supply of coal from South Africa,” cited commercial Director of “DTEK Energo” Vitaly Butenko.

The company also remind that the work on the translation two units of the Prydniprovska TPP with anthracite for the brand of coal gas to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on imported fuel.

In Ukraine there is a shortage of anthracite coal brands, as all of the coal mine, mining the fuel, remained controlled by the government of Ukraine on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. At the end of 2016 — early 2017 because of the transport blockade stopped the movement of goods from these territories.

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