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In Ukraine the parents have declared war on the “groups of death”

В Украине родители объявили войну "группам смерти" Without waiting for assistance from police, adults find themselves struggling with terrible entertainment of teenagers.

Ukrainians warn about a deadly new game for teenagers, the rules of which they know from social networks. The game is called “Run or die”. In Ukraine there are already its victims.

At the same time the police and the administrators of social media finally paid attention to the dangerous “group of death” on the Internet. Joined the struggle, and parents of teenagers. They oppose suicide online communities with the help of “trolling” — correspondence with the curators brought to the ridiculous, and then spread in the social network. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Run or die”

The Internet is massively spreading the message about the terrible entertainment, seized teenagers, the game of “Run or die”. According to the rules described in some groups, children are encouraged to cross the road before rushing at great speed of the car. And, of course, not all have time to do it, so kids end up under the wheels of cars.

About similar tragedies reported in Kharkiv, Poltava and Zhytomyr regions (although officially nobody confirms that children hit by a car due to this dangerous game, and not their own negligence or a tragic accident).

And recently wrote and the inhabitants of Transcarpathia: “Usually in sensational headlines do not believe. But yesterday, near the shop on the street Petite four students (7-8 grade), holding hands, standing at a traffic light with my eyes closed. And when one of the girls gave the command, they ran in front of my car. I understand that the “Blue whale” and other games-related suicides already to Uzhgorod sunk?” — writes on the forum local resident Alexander Mariash.

В Украине родители объявили войну "группам смерти"
В Украине родители объявили войну "группам смерти"
В Украине родители объявили войну "группам смерти"

Another Transcarpathian Andrei Lomakin says about a similar case: “on February 13 we took the bus. The driver and those who sat in the front, saw the young boys-students jumped on the move, after the bus started, and ran. It seems it was these fuckin games now write in social networks”.
The trolls went to war

Indeed, until recently, information about the game, “Run or die” or “groups of death” like the “Sea of whales” and “Silent house” was spread mostly by users in social networks. The police were silent. When “News” wrote about this material, the police said that only will be dealt with.

A few days ago, after a number of cases where teenagers on the tip of curators suicidal groups have committed suicide or been close to having to do this, the Department of postal and telecommunications NPU issued a statement that such groups exist, and even brought a list of more than 200 users from Ukraine, who they are. Also, there are reports that they will block the page “groups of death”. Said this and administration of social network “Vkontakte”.

However, as seen “News” in social networks is still functioning hundreds of “groups of death”, which can be calculated by keyword and hashtag “Whales swim up” “Wake me up at 4:20”, f57, f58, “Tiheda”, “Rina”, “Napoca”, “50 days before my…”, #Damitov, #Marcicov, #mlecznych, #150звезд, etc.

And while ciberpolitica looking for groups and close them, the parents of the Teens themselves involved in a war with the Internet killers. In particular, create their groups “Antiage”. Activists seek out certain members of the “group of death” and discouraged from committing rash acts. Or just come in threat community under the guise of an adolescent Troll curators, and the dialogue is put up for public ridicule.

So, one user, claiming to be a teenage girl Lisa agreed to follow the instructions of supervisors. Having been instructed to cut on the hand of a blue whale, the girl said ready to cut “cat”. She cut it out of paper.

Then from the so-called curator followed by a threat to kill the relatives “girls”, saying that they were already going, already into the Elevator (most likely, it are threatened with violence loved ones, children forced to kill herself). But here Lisa was confused, and warned that “the Elevator’s broken.”

Another user on demand “to cut a vein” sent a map of the Austrian capital with a pattern of zigzags. Another drew a whale on the hand and refused to cut it. Like, if he is not blue and red. Making fun of such correspondence is very popular now, especially among Teens, they are gaining thousands of shares and likes.
In addition, users who went to war with the organizers of suicidal groups observed trend that the first images with warnings about the game of “Run or die” came to us from Russia two years ago — and they’re distributed so far.

“It’s not just a legend, it’s a very well-established ipowerus. Perhaps this is a way to keep society in a state of mild panic. When surrounded by enemies, spies, terrorists, cultists, pedophiles, maniacs, weirdos and aliens, to manage it much easier. Perhaps preparing to impose any ban on the Internet and need the support of the masses” — told us a specialist in SMM (promotion in social networks) one of the companies of the capital Sergei.
“To ban social networks is even more dangerous”

But psychologists have warned that the mocking of “groups of death” can lead to the opposite result. “Even laying out a conversation that ridiculed these groups, they thus advertise, the children know about them — says psychologist Irina Kostenko. — And then — the teen climb into the Internet to search for the details and can get carried away. But most often in children, if they live in families with a friendly atmosphere, thoughts, self-harm does not occur”.

Psychologist believes that parents should not forbid children to use the social networks, and distract them from the Internet, offering outdoor games, Hobbies.

“Also, they should discreetly monitor the pages of children. If there appears a strange entry among friends there are unknown people or page is closed to adults then you need to be alarmed, — said Kostenko. But not to get removed from social networks. In the period of appearance of the complexes make the children more comfortable in social networks, because there they feel free. Also pay attention to strange behavior. For example, it can be unusual patterns of teenagers, words, and inappropriate phrases.”

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