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In Ukraine, the cases of an attack of poisonous spiders

В Украине участились случаи нападения ядовитых пауковIn the autumn the activity of the spiders will fall.

Poisonous spiders are attacking Ukrainians. This summer they are especially active in Krivoy Rog in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Alina Sokolenko just got out of the house to the street, he felt a pain in his leg. Says, at first I thought I stepped on a wasp.

“I got scared, ran, went to the Internet to see. Because the first time I saw such a creature. I found it to be a poisonous spider,” says Alina Sokolenko.

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It’s called the SAC, or cheiracanthium. Usually found in Europe, Asia and Africa, rarely in steppe Ukraine.

Bite it is very painful, says Alina. The girl immediately jumped temperature. I had to go to the doctor. And when spider photo posted in the social network, it was found that in Kryvyi Rih of such insects see for the first time.

To see poisonous spiders is now possible not only in the field or in the garden, but on a city lawn. All because of global climate change, biologists say.

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Victor Brigadirom studying spiders for many years. Says, actually poisonous, can be considered only karakurt. All the others – death threats for people are not.

Experts state: period of activity of all the spiders will end in September.

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