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In Ukraine, more expensive cold water

В Украине подорожает холодная водаThe tariffs will change in 60 companies providing water services.

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU), increased tariffs for water supply and drainage system in 2018 for a number of vodokanals in Ukraine.

The relevant decisions were taken NKREKU at the next meeting of the Commission.

In accordance with the decision, the tariffs for Central water supply and drainage in 2018 changed to 60 companies.

In particular, the rates will go up in Kharkov, Dnieper and Lviv: “Harkovvodokanal” – at the level of 8.38 UAH/cubic meter (an increase by 16.71%), and drainage – 4,36 UAH/cubic meter (an increase of 9.55%); “Dniprovodokanal” – the rate at which the water level of 6.47 UAH/cubic meter (an increase of 4.69%) and drainage – 4,25 UAH/cubic meter (an increase of 0.47%); “Lvovvodokanal” – the tariff for water supply at the level of 7.09 UAH/cubic meter (an increase of 10.61%) and drainage from 3.62 UAH/cubic meter (an increase of 5,85%).

It is noted that the change in tariffs influenced the change in costs of labor, electrical energy costs, tax rates, cost of reagents, the exchange rate for licensees with loans from international financial institutions and other factors.

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